Don’t Let Pregnancy Stop You – Important Tips to Consider Before Traveling

travel tips for pregnancy

Pregnancy is a beautiful period for couples. However, there is no need for the couples to sit all nine months at home during the pregnancy period.  Couples can always have a little romance and spend relaxation time before the birth of the baby. Of course, a few precautions must be taken while being pregnant and in travel, though it is mostly safe to travel. The comfortable time during pregnancy to travel is mostly the second trimester.  The first trimester has been done with all the morning sickness, while the third trimester is about experiencing extra fatigue. The best is to inform your physician of your planned vacation and go ahead.
Things to consider

When to Go
Pregnant women can consider traveling between the 18 and 24 weeks, that is during the second trimester. This is also the time that the women stay at their best without the series of morning sickness and complaints of fatigue. This is the time there is not a major weight gain and not any discomfort accompanying. Thus, if you are planning any vacation or tour, check with cruise lines, as some do not allow pregnant women to sail after the 24Th week. Every pregnancy is different and so there is a need to let your obstetrician know about your plans and to get an ok prior to planning your travel trip.

How to Go
Flying or driving, you are sure to be comfortable as you splurge on some extra space. Ensure to take some extra pace such as while you are driving, make sure to push your seat back and sit comfortably keeping both feet touching the car floor and also stop in between for leg stretching. However, if you are flying, take a non-stop flight so that the stress is minimal. Regardless of the travel mode, carry plenty of snacks and water during the trip so that you tide over it smoothly.

Where to Go
This is a babymoon period and so any destination is sure to be a lovely spot. However, few spots are meant for expecting couples. You can check through your friends or if there is no budget issue, consider a trip to the Golden Door Spa in Naples, Florida at the Naples Grande Resort and Club that offers treatments for pregnant women. There are many beach options or mountain getaways as well designed to please expecting couples.  There are budget-friendly getaways as well that offer all-inclusive resorts and they are surprisingly affordable.

Travel Tips

  • As the first step, check with your health physician and insurance company before leaving. Also, confirm with them where to go if you are in need of a doctor.
  • Take a note from your doctor confirming you can fly and buy travel cancellation insurance so that if you have plans to change, you can as you are in pregnancy stages.
  • Avoid activities such as horse riding, scuba diving, and extreme sports. Also, do not travel for long hours as it causes discomfort.
  • Drink lots of water and take breaks.

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