Some Unknown Yet Best Places to Explore

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Most of the people always visit the well-known places on their holidays. People do not have the curiosity to explore new places. Places which are not popular or known. Today we will cover some of the unknown places to most tourists but are definitely the best ones to explore.

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This is close to the Utah border. It is a gorgeous area and can be reached only by a four-wheeler.  On reaching there you are sure to forget everything else amidst the coral pink sand towering dunes appearing as any soft-serve ice cream. You will witness some of the deepest slot canyons here. You will find yourself lost in the charm and beauty of this place.

Haleakala National Park, Maui, Hawaii
It is home to world’s largest dormant volcano. Haleakala Summit is beautiful and it is recommended to visit it in morning to witness the beautiful sunrise view. From the top of Haleakala you can continue the trail to the mouth of the volcano. You will come across a desert-like landscape while you are on the trail to carter. You should also enjoy the Pipiwai Trail.

Torres Del Paine, Chile
It is a beautiful National Park in South America. It is not popular among tourists but it is worth visiting.It takes time to reach here and maybe that’s why most of the tourists avoid visiting this National Park. However, once you are here you can see glacial lakes filled with icebergs. Hikers will enjoy the distinctive mountains, exotic wildlife that gives a chance to see llama-like guanaco’s herds.

Wasatch Mountains, Utah
This 150-mile range is located in Utah. Getting off the grid is not essential to enjoy the wilderness as it is not really far away. You have to take a steep climb to reach the wildflowers fields and ridgelines. It is not easy for everyone to reach this beautiful range.

Cockscomb Mountains, Belize
Explore this jaguar habitat.Walk for a minute off the road and you will get tangled in the jungle, poisonous plants, snakes and beautiful waterfalls. Wherever you turn your head, it is all jungle. Going deep the wildlife sanctuary depth gives visitors a view of the hiking trails and one can get back to safety.

Frozen Head State Park, Tenn
This wilderness area covers 24,000 acres and features majestic formations of sandstone, creates a long ridge akin to an amphitheater. Hikers can reach the parks elevated points and can view the Cumberland Plateau, the Great Smoky Mountains, and the Tennessee Valley. It also features hiking trails of 80 miles. Feel the silence and enjoy every moment.

Ozark Plateau, Ark., Okla. and Mo
Travelers will surely be dazed in the south-central states, where you are off-the-grid at Ozarks. This is a heavily forested area that features cluster of highlands and includes southern Missouri parts, northern Arkansas and eastern Oklahoma. The peaks here are at 2000 feet and there is rugged terrain as a major swath, besides multiple valleys and folds, springs and hollows. The highlights also include the wilderness areas of Hercules Glades and Upper Buffalo.  Visitors are assured practically to be away from cell signals and crowds.

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