Chicago Prohibition Bus Tour – A Sip of History

Chicago Prohibition Bus Tour - A Sip of HistoryWhen & How the Prohibition Era of Chicago Began?
After the triumph in World War 1 against Germany, Europeans including Germans immigrated to the United States in search for jobs and economic stability. In addition to a large number of Europeans flooding into the United States, African-American from the south make their journey towards the north and hopes to escape the persecution from the Ku Klux Klan and Jim Crow laws that limited their liberties, thus, what is known as the great migration began by 1910.

As a growing industrial city, Chicago is one of many cities that attracted immigrants during the migration. The prospect of work rapidly increased Chicago’s population, thus transforming into a melting pot of diversity. In response to the growing diversity in cities such as Chicago, the 18th amendment was ratified to fundamentally improve the lives of the Americans. In the eyes of pro prohibitionists, it was believed that alcohol and alcohol consumption was the primary cause of cultural and religious corruption and domestic abuse.

Passing the prohibition in the year 1919 was the turning point of Chicago’s history, which was originally instituted to increase morality, actually led the groups to react against it. In response, the subcultures such as flappers, speakeasies, and jazz music were in essence of cultural opposition to prohibition attempt to raise morale. However, at that time many illegal bars distributed alcohol. As a result of attending or running speakeasies being illegal, much of its alcohol originated from the gangs who later became the primary alcohol providers in the prohibition era of Chicago.

What is Chicago Prohibition Bus Tour?
Chicago Prohibition Bus Tour has now become of one of the must-visit attraction while in the city. It is a three and half hour guided bus tour that takes the visitors to the four major speakeasies. Visitors can enjoy learning the history while exploring the famous bars and sites where the famous gangs were active selling the alcohol. Travel back in time to speakeasies and booze that fueled Chicago’s most notorious era and hear stories of the gangsters, the politicians and more. Grab a drink, learn about one of America’s most ill-conceived experiments.

What is so special about Chicago Prohibition Bus Tour?
In addition to the guided tour of historic bars and sites, Chicago Prohibition Bus Tour also helps the visitors to interact with historic photographs and learn about the Chicago’s entertainment history including the jazz, theater, social clubs, and vices. Visitors can taste the famous beverages and enjoy the appetizers among many options. The former historic jazz club, speakeasy, and 19th-century mansions are highlighted on this renowned Chicago Prohibition Bus Tour. Visitors may also learn about the Chicago’s historic swanky nightlife, private clubs, and debauchery. The guided bus tour will tell everything about the notorious era Chicago Prohibition – get excited!

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