Massachusetts – Top Places to Visit

Massachusetts – Top Places to VisitMassachusetts is one most visited state of the United States of America. It is mainly known for its significant Colonial history in the New England region. It is bordered by New York, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and the Atlantic Ocean. Massachusetts is best to explore in every season and it attracts several million visitors from over the globe.

Here are the top ten places that you don’t want to miss in Massachusetts:

  • Plum Island: it is located off the northeast coast of the state in Essex County. It is a major barrier island and named after the plum shrubs that grow on its sand dunes. However, Plum Island is a paradise for the nature lovers with a breathtaking wide array of beaches, Atlantic Ocean charms, and other attractions. There are many lodging options on the island including small cottages, luxury hotels, bed and breakfast inns.
  • The Berkshires: it is located in the western mountain region of the state. it is primarily a rural area with stunning small towns and villages with abundant natural beauty. This hilly region attracts the visitors for its scenic trails including the Appalachian Trail, as well as the largest waterfall of the Massachusetts, Bush Falls is located in the heart of this region. It is also home to the renowned Boston Symphony Orchestra, including many art museums and galleries.
  • Northampton: it is one of the most charming towns of New England, filled with picturesque natural sites, vibrant downtown, and a wide array of quirky shops, restaurants, museums, and galleries. Over twenty percent of Northampton comprises of open areas and greenways which make strolling a delight. Many events and festivals held throughout the year in this vibrant town including the Annual Film Festival.
  • Nantucket island: it is the state’s most popular summer tourists’ destination with a population of eleven thousand individuals. It offers a wide array of sandy beaches, quiet harbors, scenic lighthouses, dramatic cliffs, and the opulence of luxury gardens and mansions. The best time to explore Nantucket island is during the summers, which allows the visitors to enjoy many water sports from fishing to boating and swimming, with picturesque views of the coasts and surging waves.
  • New Bedford:It is known for its world-renowned whaling port in the 19th century and nicknamed as the Whaling City. New Bedford is the sixth largest city in Massachusetts. The Bed Ford Whaling Museum is the world largest whaling museum in the world with enticing skeleton structures of whales and countless other exhibits. The city also has its quaint side with few districts that are deemed historically valuable. It is one of the most recommended city after Boston to visit in the Massachusetts.
  • Martha’s Vineyard: it is the largest island of New England and located seven miles from Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard is only accessible by a ferry ride or by an air ride. The island boasts great beaches for surfing, swimming, breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean from cliffs of the island, Gothic cottages, an iconic carousel and several notable lighthouses as well as the Edgartown.

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