Get going solo – Leaving your fears behind to find the U.S. welcomes you

United States

The very idea of going around solo is invigorating and so even if you have double thoughts, leave it behind at some point. Get going on self-discovery alone without the family or friends crutch. Enjoy meeting new people and interact with them, try new ways to motivate yourself to try new things. Enjoy this freedom and change your itinerary as you please. However, here are few tips that must be known and it helps while going solo:

Know the highways. This is important as two-digit highways go through cities directly and the roads with three digits go around the cities. The highways with odd numbers go north to south and the ones with even numbers go east to west. The interstates such as 195 are referred to as ‘I’ roads and to get from A to B this is the fastest way, but not scenic.

Use City and State welcome centers:  Many states at the major highways state line have welcome centers and almost every town and city has a visitor center. The plus point is you can get all the information here and also assistance to book accommodation. In fact, if you are fortunate, you are sure to bag on some last-minute booking amazing deals.

Find Recreational vehicles: Rent an RV is common and easy. There is everywhere RV parks. Malls feature huge parking spaces in double-size to accommodate RVs and Walmart promotes parking overnight as well for RVs.

Flights within the US: Flights within are many and you can conveniently consider budget flights with Southwest, JetBlue and Spirit Airlines.

If you wish to go on a train trip, no doubt, the train is a fabulous mode for solo tourists. The rail service provider is Amtrak. Of course, the network of this rail service in some places is not really extensive. So, it is ideal to check for their special routes. For cheapest solo travel, consider going by bus. Megabus is popular for its inexpensive deals and the United States traditional bus service provider is Greyhound.

Other ways of solo traveling and enjoying

Save on a City Pass. Taking a city pass means you can really save money, regardless of whether you are visiting an attraction or going on a tour. However, check if one is available to the destination city you are heading to.

Enjoy music. The birthplace of jazz and blues in America and now it has spread very much that you can find rock and roll and much big band music. A fabulous way of enjoying can be by going to bars to listen to music, visit concert halls, go to festivals, and more.

Do shop.  Remember, this is a fabulous experience, but here the final price is not the price tag appearing on any item. This is because, at the cash register, sales tax gets added. You can shop on Black Friday and enjoy the year’s best shopping.

Visit the theater.  There are great theaters and you can see some actors on the stage here, even if you have missed them from films. Go to Times Square to the TKTS Discount Booths and save money on tickets.

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