Roam around NYC for a weekend tour and get surprised

New York City

Unites the States of America is a place anyone would love to visit at least once a lifetime. The Ellis Island to the Statue of Liberty has all reasons to welcome immigrants in millions. New York has nurtured and embraced ethnic groups and today it is filled with vibrant neighborhoods sharing different cultures with visitors. The fascinating places to visit in and around NYC include:

Arthur Avenue, The Bronx
Arthur Avenue in the Belmont community is considered to be the Bronx’s Little Italy. The beauty is that it has rows of specialty markets and Italian restaurants.  It is nice to pick some olive oil stopping at Mike’s Deli and enjoying dinner at Dominick’s Restaurant, the place you can share and eat with others that they are serving.

Harlem, Manhattan
Harlem showed decline until very recently. But, now its change is unbelievable that it is a hip place to live or visit. Harlem is experiencing gentrification and is dotted with restaurants and trendy boutiques that it is handling with ease retaining its soul.  The neighborhood is hot for gospel even though there is a jazzy past. Several tours also commemorate the musical heritage of Harlem, including the Harlem Spirituals.  Visitors should not miss here the Spanish Harlem.

Chinatown, Manhattan
Chinatown of New York is the largest home in the Western Hemisphere accommodating the Chinese community. This is a very popular place featuring winding streets and the beauty is enhanced as it is flanked with shops selling everything from fish to herbal medicine and silk to bok choy. In this neighborhood, Chinese New Year is a huge celebration, and there are parades of colorful dragons that cannot be missed even by people staying there, so visitors must not miss this opportunity. Chinatown is a fascinating place for dim sum that is spot-on. In fact, Jim Fong offers more than 100 dim sum items in the menu and also covers a huge space. The China Ice Cream Factory is another great attraction for lychee ice cream.

Lower East Side, Manhattan
Corned beef and pickles classify the Lower East Side and this is where the earliest immigrants had put their shop. Today, the same area is filled and appears to have re-born featuring trendy restaurants and shops. However, yet, you can feel the flavor of the past dating to 1888 like Katz’s Deli. Visitors can also savor another taste of those days by visiting the Tenement Museum Lower East Side.

Koreatown, Manhattan
In Midtown, in the Empire State Building shadow, visitors you will have no doubts that you are not in Seoul. The buzz of K-Town vibrant streets, the Korean restaurants, and the karaoke clubs keep the entire place lively. Adding to all this is the Don’s Bogam, to enjoy table-top Korean barbecue and this is the most sought out spot.

Brighton Beach, Brooklyn
Travel to Brooklyn southern coast and explore this Russian community. As you walk the boardwalk from Coney Island you can reach “Little Odessa,” and find plenty of borscht, pierogi, and vodka.  Tatiana is one supper club restaurant that is highly popular.

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