Statue of Liberty – The Iconic Symbol of Freedom In New York

Statue of Liberty – The Iconic Symbol of Freedom In New YorkSettled on Liberty Island in New York harbor, the Statue of Liberty is a phenomenal piece of art, which is a monument and not just that. It is way more than just a colossal neoclassical sculpture as it stands as a symbol of privilege and freedom of America. The Statue of Liberty itself exhibits the affection of people who coped with it. It is made out of copper and it was basically a gift from the French people who lived in the United States. The one who designed the statue is Frederic Auguste Bartholdi and the one put in charged to construct it was Gustave Eiffel. The statue represents a Roman goddess, named as Libertas, as a symbolic representation of Freedom.

Attractions of the Statue of Liberty
The Statue of Liberty offers massive attractions to the New York City. The Torches on the top of the Statue, The New Colossus, the Crown of the Statue, also enhances the charms of this colossal neoclassical sculpture. Starting with the Statue of Liberty, it can be examined from the pedestal of the Statue and it also allow enrolling the history and symbolism accompanying museum objects and oral histories and visiting the Torch would grant with the proper view of the whole New York.

The New Colossus is a paramount waiting to be visited. It was devoted to the achievement for the Statues completion donated by Emma Lazarus. It is appended on the inner wall of the pedestal since the early 1900’s. This plaque conveys the message of freedom and exemption to the people visiting the place. The Crown of Liberty is just another place like the Torch to appreciate a view of one of the most vibrant cities in the United States. To fully explore the charms of Statue of Liberty, taking a tour is of this symbolic monument would be a great idea.

Touring of Statue of Liberty
Hovering around the Statue of Liberty may sound trite but the place itself has a lot to offer. For knowledge on the Statues history and tips for places to visit, people are recommended to go to the Information Center where Park Rangers and other volunteers service people with authentic history on the Statue of Liberty and provide recommendations for visits. Moreover, If an individual is interested to witness a physical form of the history of the Statue and objects relevant to it then the rate of endorsement is high on the local museum stationed on the pedestal which dedicates to a triumph of the people of two countries towards the manufacture of this symbol of freedom in raw.

The museum also displays the struggle to success and the influence of overcoming the world. The location also provides standardized ranger tours and self-guided tours with the guided audiobooks. Another best way to browse the Statue of Liberty is by taking the cruise that will take the visitors closer to this colossal neoclassical sculpture. As per today, the Statue of Liberty also known as Lady Liberty stands firmly on the bases of ceding towards it by the strong hearted and Conan like people who had been prosperous to construct the icon of human ability and hope.

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