The Metropolitan Museum of Art – The Largest Art Museum in the World

The Metropolitan Museum of Art – The Largest Art Museum in the WorldThe Metropolitan Museum of Art is positioned in New York and built in the year 1870. However, it is now the largest museum in the world with over two million of art pieces. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is a lavish aspect of characterizing art from divergent cultures and eras. The museum holds the label of the biggest art museum in the United States. The most recorded visitors are around seven million which indicates that the museum itself has a tremendous collection that tempts millions of people towards it.

The museum represents seven different cultures which each containing its own portion in the museum area. The different collections are labels as European, Egyptian, African, Asian, Oceanian, Byzantine, Indian, Islamic Art, American, and Modern Art. The museum also resides other objects such as musical instruments, authentic weapons, and antique armors of old ages and battles. The museum is said to be found in the year 1870 in a magnificent Beaux-Arts architecture. The main reason to execute such a plan was to increase the rate of education and knowledge of arts and crafts among the people of America.

Compilation of Art
The Metropolitan Museum of Art provides 7 different sections with each section accompanied with a learned scholar who acquaints visitors with the knowledge behind the known objects and art. The museum also has six dedicated conversation departments and a scientific research department. The European collection is derived from almost all the mastered artists in Europe.

The American art collection and the modern art collection are in an extensive collection added to the museum when it was built, also known as the very exhibits of the museum. There is another department for Ancient Egyptian paintings and religious sculptures reflecting the Egyptians beliefs and their historic culture. The Metropolitan Museum of Art hosts a lot of exhibitions and shows throughout the year from not just America but from all around the world.

Types of Art Collection in Metropolitan Museum of Art
Starting with the Asian art portion which holds more than thirty-five thousand pieces of Asian art and crafts. These pieces of crafts go back as far as four thousand years to the beginning of Asian Art culture. These objects put on display the history of disparate civilization and almost every civilization from the Asia is present in its department of the museum. Egyptian art also reflects the history of Egyptians with its the private collections.

The tremendously imposing and prominent history that lies in the Egyptian Department often shows the ability of engaging people in its depth of culture. The European portion also displays decorative art collections and Greek and Roman grandeur. The collection of weapons and armors is a must to visit. With a magnificent touch of the old eras and battles.

This part of the museum accommodates the authoritative pieces that not just contain materialized objects but great history and that with the knowledge provided by the scholar (that enhances the ability of concentration) makes this portion of the museum, full of amusement and great history. The Metropolitan Museum of Art never fails to provide the best and the finest pieces of art out there and the organized department just add another sufficient touch to the visitor’s perspective.

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