Visit America to explore the winters in these Coldest Cities

Visit America to explore the winters in these Coldest Cities There are winter escapes that take you to the coldest cities in America. It is not that these places are worth visiting only in winter. In fact, even in other seasons they make great places to visit but are exceptionally awesome vacation winter destinations that are really cold.

The Wind through the Winter Wonderland of Alaska
The Railroad of Alaska operates throughout the year, connecting Fairbanks and Anchorage.  Watch the sapphire blue skies, landscapes in ivory drenched and wild moose gliding past the winter train windows. Spend in Fairbanks a night and get your adrenaline pumping to go on endless options for cross-country skiing, ice climbing, and dog sledding. Do not miss the year-round ice environment at Aurora Ice Museum created from snow in thousands of tons.

Elk graze in Ecola State Park at Sunrise
Oregon’s one of the seven wonders is this coastline stretch of 363 mile that features towering waves, moody landscapes, spectacular winter storms and craggy headlands.  This scenic route is from Astoria to Brookings that takes you to spot sea lions, explore coastal communities and watch jellyfish dancing. There are more than 79 state parks worth exploring. Do not miss the Tillamook cheese factory for its treats produced locally that has homemade fudge and grilled cheese. Also, stop for a local brew at Pelican Brewing Company.

San Antonio, Texas light show
Twinkling lights shine the River Walk of San Antonio by the November end, and the display is dazzling. You can see carols filling the air every evening between 30 November to 18 December and see riverboats carrying bell choirs of eclectic mix, Latino ensembles and folk groups.

Do not miss the Cypress-lined River walk shops and the cozy cafes, explore the opulent colonial heritage of South-central Texas featuring the San Antonio Mission of the 18th century and eat the Tex-Mex cuisine, splurge at Mixtli Mexican Culinaria on a culinary adventure of 10 -course and at Cured savor a charcuterie plate.

Star gaze and sun dance in Park City, Utah
Every January, directors, filmmakers and Hollywood hotshots flock in thousands to these sugary slopes of Utah to be a part of the Sundance Film Festival, in the United States.

In case, you are not able to get some high movie passes, do not worry, Park City has lots to do. There are quaint shops, lively bars and eclectic galleries for celebrities stargaze lining the main street, or you may also enjoy the exciting winter sports or just get going in the beautiful mountains.

Do not miss the opportunity to visit the Deer Valley Ski Resort and the Kitschy dive bar on Main Street for some buffalo sliders and a shuffleboard game. The fact is that the Sundance was not held always in Park City, but the Salt Lake City has begun hosting this festival for the initial three years.

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