Spontaneous travel tips

Spontaneous travel tips

Time does not wait for anyone and things in life always are uncertain. There may be a day things just go out of your hands, so grab it and make it yours. The desire of going on a free way and enjoying driving into the sunset and going wherever the road leads you should not be missed. Go with your gut feeling or you will never come out of your mundane style of life and living. Realistically, you can plan and get on a spontaneous travel tips even if you are on a stringent budget.

Driving into an unknown large city is exciting and to go the road takes you or the wind blows. This experience of adventure into cities such as St. Louis, Atlanta, New Orleans, New York, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco and Flagstaff is amazing. You can virtually go anywhere even without knowing anything or anyone.

Initiate with a coffee shop and check with the local barista for an advice and catch some live music or anything for that matter that interests you. Check a map and also know the local events of the city as you are new to this territory. The next step is to find a hostel for the night’s sleep. Hostels are ideal as you can get quick tips and also meet people. Camping is enjoyable, as there are national parks providing free camping and can be reserved if you are an early bird. It works out to be cheaper and literally free in the nearby campgrounds. You can get to know about these as you keep going. Remember, you must not be too picky as in this run; you may miss something very valuable. Start traveling with an open mind and experience the best, it will be meaningful.

While traveling, eat in the large cities on the road, it works out to be cheaper. For the entire trip it will not cross $50. This is a great choice if you are really on a stringent budget. You can enjoy the sandwiches and fruits. If you love caffeine, carry a thermos so that you fill it with coffee instead of getting cups of coffees all the way.

For a free meal, you need not go on a big hunt. There are Krishna Temples serving food in the large cities to the public, especially on the evenings of the weekend. The New Orleans Krishna Temple offer food to more than 200 people on Sunday evenings. There is an old organization ‘Food Not Bombs’ serving daily free meals in more than 1000 cities around. It is a revolutionary movement and vegetarians can enjoy food here as these organizations serve free meals that are purely 100% meat free.

Having an open mind, a good attitude, heart full of love and a passion to travel and experience different places will keep you going without restrictions. You can have an invaluable experience. It is time to go to places and discover the pleasure of ways of traveling even with very little money. You are sure to find innovative things and the free spirit that allows you to move with no moss under your feet. You will learn more ways to cheap travel on your go.

Keeping an open mind while you are on a spontaneous travel is the best. Your spontaneity is supported rightly only when you have no restrictions. Accept that comes and live every moment of your life. Take a deep breath, eat that you like and acquire the life skills out there. Turn your ordinary life with such spontaneous travel tips and enjoy the greatest adventure.

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