Most Underrated Vacation spots in North America

Krakow, Poland

Most people spend months planning on summer trips. It offers a respite from stressful jobs. A retreat from the stresses of life means it is not easy to choose a vacation destination immediately. If you do anything in hurry you may end up a place that is overrun with tourists and is difficult to steal even one quiet moment. There is countless destinations that are popular tourist locations and are also the underrated vacation spots. These are under the radar and are regarded as off the beaten path choices

Krakow, Poland
This offers the beauty of Europe and has no staggering crowds of Paris or London. This beautiful city provides incredible history, ghost tours, stunning churches, castles and friendly locals. There is plenty of free walking tours that is guided by locals having tons of experience and knowledge to share. This city is small and so walking anywhere is possible and you are always safe. You can enjoy the market square enveloped by shops and cafes.

Lisbon, Portugal
Lisbon is for travelers who are on shoe-string budget. It is typically much less expensive to get flights to Portugal and to other areas of Europe. This is a pretty affordable country. It is a beautiful city that is dotted by squares and picturesque parks worth exploring. It is a great option for people loving beaches as the Cascais and Estoril towns are only away by few miles.

South Africa
South Africa has fascinating cities worth visiting and this includes Cape Town and Johannesburg. You can go on tours to busy city centers and on safaris famous locations. Budget sometime and visit the delicious local wines and the vineyards of the Western Cape. Climb to the Tabletop Mountains top and enjoy the country’s stunning views. You can travel off the coast to place where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned, Robben Island.

Montreal is a lovely option for people wanting to experience Europe. It is located in Canada and has a very feel of being European. The Old Montreal is filled with cobblestone streets, cafes and old beautiful buildings. It is a creative city dotted with live music, art installations and murals. Montreal offers a lovely opportunity to practice French as it is the resident’s primary language.

Sedona, Arizona
Sedona is few hours south to Grand Canyon. The scenery is gorgeous. It is known for the red sandstone rock formations and other best features that include biking, hiking and mountain climbing. This is the best place to escape summer heat in Arizona.

Mackinac Island, Michigan
This is an island filled with no cars and this is because the local ordinance does not permit. There is abundance of everything and one can see Lake Huron amazing views.

Denali National Park & Preserve, Alaska
For untouched wilderness, Denali is the right place. Wild animals, small and large roam in the lands unfenced and are here for ages. You can feel rejuvenated in the tranquility, solitude and wilderness. There are breathtaking views all along and is perfect for exploring.

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