Take a romantic trip to Cleveland

Take a romantic trip to ClevelandCleveland is a diverse city and has lots of attractions, but as a romantic holiday destination, it is off the radar for most people. Nevertheless, people can give this city a chance as it is an ideal choice for couples, new or old.

Cleveland has a prominent culinary attraction to the west side of the market, and it is also a lovely place to satisfy foodies. There are cooked and fresh food stalls, and fortunately, with good weather outside, food enthusiasts are going to enjoy this adventure by getting some food and having at Edgewater Park a romantic picnic. This park offers beautiful views of the skyline and is located on the Lake Erie, making it an ideal romantic spot for couples.

Neighborhood couples also should visit the University Circle that is dotted with historic houses, tree-lined streets and a galore of attractions making it an ideal place for a romantic stay for the couples.

In the neighborhood is the Cleveland Botanical Garden, a perfect choice for a romantic stroll. These manicured gardens have manicured gardens worth visiting, and the sections are dedicated to the Madagascar Spiny desert and the Costa Rican rainforest.

Art loversare sure to be pleased as University Circle hosts Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland and the Cleveland Museum of Art. Among these two, The Cleveland Museum of Art is the finest art museum in the nation featuring excellent pieces and is also larger.

The Cleveland Orchestra in University Circle is a high-culture activity. This orchestra was founded in 1918 and is the premier symphony orchestras of the nation. A night out as a romantic getaway can be real fun. The couples can enjoy wine in the intermission; dress up in cocktail dresses and suits.

Couples can get the best of their stay at Cleveland at the Glidden House Hotel. This is a stunning boutique hotel presenting 20th-century architecture. This hotel is an appropriate choice for couples who are newly married or have plans to getting into tying the knot in a short time. This is because the hotel hosts weddings and events. This hotel has retained the French Gothic style, and it looks beautiful.

Couples can take this opportunity and believe in tying the knot and revealing their true love in this hotels gazebo that is admirable before retiring with family and friends for a banquet into the gothic style mansion. Couples can venture and explore Cleveland, there are lots of attractions and may consider their honeymoon in Cleveland. It has best of the wineries in Lake Counties and Ashtabula that are to the east of the city. The areas enveloping the Geneva and Madison towns are picturesque that the couples spending time here will enjoy a longer romantic time.

Generally speaking, Cleveland is simply beautiful and exciting place that travelers can consider visiting at least once. More the merrier it is to consider Cleveland for a romantic trip and to visit places, explore the beauty and get into the hearts of each other.


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