Santa Barbara – the American Riviera

Santa Barbara California

Santa Barbara, also known as American Riviera is the most picturesque coastal city in the US State of California. On Pacific highway, about ninety miles from Los Angeles is this easygoing spectacular beachside city of Santa Barbara. It is situated between the Santa Ynez Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, the hub of its own wonderful coastal California County. It has the population of more than ninety-thousand people which makes it one of the least populated cities in California. Santa Barbara is famous all over the world for its breathtaking settings and its dramatic blend of beaches and mountains, valleys, islands, and the ocean. Santa Barbara is one of those fortunate places with a Mediterranean climate and the city is filled with distinctive architecture of famous landmarks including the Mission Santa Barbara which is the evidence of its colorful history and rich Spanish heritage. There is a vibrant cultural art scene with world-class music, opera dance, and theaters attracting numerous visitors all year-round. It also houses the plethora of restaurants where talented chefs prepare creative cuisines and superb vintages with over sixty wineries are located in Santa Barbara. Visitors can also take the free Map Brochure which highlights the culinary tours, farmers market, and specialty shops all designed to savor the flavor of Santa Barbara.

Famous Landmarks in Santa Barbara:

  • Sunstone Vineyards & Winery: It is one of the most recommended visitor’s attractions in the region. It is built in a mission-style architecture which compliments the landscape and gives a real Santa Barbara sensation. There is also a picnic point in the courtyard with breathtaking views of the region. Visitors from all around the country explore this site and enjoy the finest wine tasting tours.
  • Hotel Andalucia in Santa Barbara: It’s the most renowned hotel that isn’t located at the beachside of Santa Barbara. Hotel Andalucia has five stories of Spanish-styled architecture. it is a sophisticated boutique hotel which appears perfectly to represent the very essence of the American Riviera. It also houses the public art gallery inside the hotel. The artwork hangs throughout the public area almost as an extension of Ro Snell Gallery of contemporary art on the lower ground floor.

Santa Barbara Botanic Garden: There are over one thousand Californian native plants at the foothills of Santa Barbara in Botanic Garden. It covers over 65 acres of land with 10 stunning gardens with over 5-mile of walking trail. Santa Barbara Botanic Garden is a living museum of California flora and vegetation. Here, the famous Japanese tea garden and the redwood grove are a famous visitor’s attractions.

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