Couples Should Not Miss Out Cleveland – A Romantic Destination

couples should not miss out cleveland - a romantic destinationCleveland is a beautiful place, yet with respect to romantic holiday destinations, it does not stand any chance, and it is much off the radar, for most people. However, people willing to visit this city will surely be stunned to see many attractions are making a perfect choice to mark a romantic destination for couples.

What attracts the most is the culinary and nobody can deny it. To start romantic adventures go to the West Side of the Market. Wandering through cooked and fresh food stalls aisles, it is sure to tickle your tongue, and food enthusiasts may relish this experience to give their taste buds an appetizer. The historical setting is sure to enrich the experience.

If you are fortunate and there is some beautiful weather outside, find a place at Edgewater Park with some food bought at the market. This park offers beautiful views of the skyline and is set on Lake Erie. Another interesting spot in Cleveland for couples is the University Circle that features tree-lined streets, host of attractions and historic houses suitable for couples.

The Botanical Gardens in Cleveland is a splendid place for couples to hold their hands and to enjoy a romantic stroll. This is ten acres of gardens well manicured that exploring it is a heavenly experience. There is a glasshouse that has two sections, the Madagascar spiny desert, and the Costa Rican rainforest. A delight to art lovers is that the University Circle hosts Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland (MOCA) and Cleveland Museum of Art.

The travelers can halt first at Cleveland Museum of Art as it is larger and houses a more than 40,000 pieces collection spanning of several centuries and continents. The endowment has some exemplary pieces, and it is free for visitors to visit this museum.

Adjacent to MOCAis its new, visually striking home, designed by Farshid Moussavi, an acclaimed architect. MOCA is a non-collecting institution, and its main aim is to give its visitors best of the exhibitions. There are rotating exhibitions featuring popular artists from the U.S.  These artists also include few from the Cleveland Area, but ensure to organize your schedule in advance.

Another high-culture activity is the Cleveland Orchestra in University Circle. This was established in 1918. It is a member of the nation’s premier symphony orchestras “Big Five” club. Playing in the orchestra, a night out, away from the stately Severance Hall, is incredibly fun and romantic. There are lots to like by dressing in cocktail dresses and suits while enjoying wine during intermissions.

Couples considering the Glidden House Hotel to stay during their vacation are the best choice. This is a stunning boutique hotel located right in the University Circle heart, across the street and its architecture of 20th century highlight the time when travel was less arduous and more glamorous.

This hotel is ideal for couples who will be tying the knot soon. This hotel hosts weddings and events and so couples can express their love under the hotel’s gazebo and enter into a mansion in gothic style with family and friends. Overall, Cleveland is a must visit place, do not miss it out.

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