Plan a memories making tour to Massachusetts’ finest – Boston City.


Boston—capital city of Massachusetts and one of the oldest cities in the North America, founded by English settlers it became a colonial boom town and a stage for some of the key events in America’s fight for independence. Fast-forward to today—Boston has matured into the United States’ flagship city for culture and learning.

Embark on a journey of historical wonder on Freedom Trail;
The best way to get the sense of Boston history is to walk the freedom trail, a two and a half mile journey that takes you past 16 historical locations. You should start from Boston Common and pass the State House and some of the Boston’s oldest graveyards and churches as you make your way to the Bunker Hill, the site of an important battle in the revolutionary war.

Old-world charm meets the youthful energy in one of America’s ‘brainiest’ cities. Home to institutions such as Harvard and Boston University, its huge student population ensures a lively nightlife and music scene. The city’s entertainment options include everything from Irish pubs to Classical musical recitals.

MIT University, a home to innovative brains:
Take a stroll in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and you will encounter the Ray and Maria Stata center, designed by architect Frank Gehry. This Doctor Suess like creation was completed in 2004 and compliments MIT’s innovative atmosphere.

Copley Square—A center point to all famous landmarks in Boston:
Copley Square is the one of the Boston’s beautiful spots. It is home to the Trinity Church and Richard Sony in Romanesque Church, founded in 1733, The John Hancock tower, the tallest building in Boston and the Boston Public Library, containing over six million books on endless topics. The Boston Public library was the first one to introduce the art of formal storytelling. The first session was held at the Children’s room 1902.

Boston and Sport: Rather Romantic Story & Food Scene at night:
Bostonians aren’t just passionate about sports—they’re obsessed. Whether they are cheering for the Rock Sox, The Celtics, and Bruins or just skating at the local ice ring. Sports play a big part in this city.

When the hunger strikes, the news is good for seafood lovers. Boston’s harbor side setting makes the Oysters, Crabs, Lobsters, and its famous clam chowder, all first-class. The Union Oyster House, the oldest restaurant in Boston has been shucking oyster since 1826. Boston also has an all-night food scene, even at 3 AM you can get the finest Pizza or some Beers in the local pubs.

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