Why Fisherman’s Wharf Is an Ultimate Tourist Attraction Spot?

Fishermans Wharf

Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco is a well-renowned touring attraction spot for thousands of travelers that visit the neighborhood. The area is widespread with touring spots, markets, delicious seafood and a wide array of other activities for everyone, regardless of their interest. Fisherman’s Wharf elopes from the San Francisco’s waterfront to all the way to Kearny Street. The area has streetcars, electric chairs, and cable cars throughout the area that makes it easier for you to explore the beauty of the area.

Roll back in the wheel of time:
In early 1800’s century, the Fisherman’s Wharf got its name due to its unique characteristics by the Italian immigrants that influx the region due to the gold rush. The immigrants settled near the north of the beach area in order to catch the local delicacies, such as crabs and other sea creatures. To this very day, the area is still the San Francisco’s base for the fishing fleet. The “Fish King”, prior to achieving to this title, Achille Paladini was a successful business owner that founded the company Paladini Fish Co. The company was so successful that started a trend of wholesaling of Fishes between the locals as well the immigrants that flock to this area.

A few years back, city officials proposed a development plan of 15 million, that’d help attract tourists from all over the world.

Attractions sports and Seafood:
Fisherman’s Wharf is probably the busiest touring spot in the United States. Fisherman’s Wharf is popular due to Pier 39, a well-known shopping center built on the Pier of San Francisco. It is not just a shopping center but it is rife with the wide range of fun activities such as arcade games, motion rides, street performances, and Aquarium of Bay. Fisherman’s Wharf is not just limited to Pier 39 there are a lot of other spots for you to must visit Ghirardelli Square, a Ripley's Believe it or Not museum, Musée Mécanique, Wax Museum, and the San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park.

While roaming through the area, it is most probable that you’d get hungry, that’s when the Fisherman’s Wharfs’ specialty strikes in. They have the best seafood at the local restaurants. Dungeness Crabs is the most notable option for you to must-try while you’re down there. You should also try the Clam Chowder that is served in the sourdough bread bowl at the Forbes Island restaurant. In case, you’re feeling in for some shrimp, Fisherman’s Wharf has just the right place for you: Bubba Gump Shrimp Company. Well, if you’re in the mood for some fast food then the best option for you would be the In-N- Out Burger, the certainly stand above when comparing the other fast food chains in the area.

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