Newark – the City of Hidden Gems in New Jersey

Newark-New Jersey

Newark is the major and most populous city in US State of New Jersey. Newark is also recognized for being the oldest European cities on the American soil. Now, it houses the country’s primary air, rail, and shipping hubs. Located approximately thirteen miles from the lower Manhattan, Newark is one of the largest and major cities in the New York Metropolitan Zone. Here, the Port Newark-Elizabeth is the busiest and primary shipping channel on the American East Coast. Moreover, the famed Newark Liberty International Airport is the busiest and very first commercial airport in the United States of America. Here, the Branch Brook Park houses the country’ largest collection of the Cherry Blossom trees, attracting millions of visitors in the spring season. Despite the vibrant culture and a wide variety of tourist attraction, it lies between the conversion of humid continental climate and humid subtropical climate. The world-class New Jersey Performing Arts Center holds numerous live dance performances and shows, drawing several million visitors annually from all around the world. Newark is comprised of five political wards; North, South Central, East, and West. Newark is also home to the several significant historic sites including the historic Fairmount Cemetery, Ambrose-Ward Mansion, John Ballantine House, Belleville Avenue Congregational Church, and similar. Newark is best to explore in any season, especially in springs the Branch Brook Park is the tourist’s most favorite site to explore for its stunning charms of Cherry Blossom flowers.

Must Visit Attractions in Newark, New Jersey

  • Staten Island Ferry: Staten Island ferry is a passenger ferry ride that runs through the Staten Island to Manhattan. The best thing about the Staten Island Ferry ride is that it runs twenty-four hours a day, visitors can browse the breathtaking views of the City while experiencing the Staten Island ferry. It runs about five miles from the harbor highlighting the stunning waterside attractions of the region.
  • Branch Brook Park: Located in the northern ward of Newark city, Branch Brook Park is the state’s most popular, oldest and largest park. More than five thousand Cherry Blossom trees are home to Branch Brook Park, as well as the park is nicknamed as the Cherry Blossom Land. In the month April, the Cherry Blossom Festival draws numerous visitors from far distant areas to celebrate the magnificence of Cherry Blossom flowers blooming in the spring
  • New Jersey Performing Arts Center: It is the country’s largest performing arts center located in the downtown Newark, west of the Passaic River waterfront in New Jersey. New Jersey Performing Arts Center holds year-round world-class dance and performing arts shows, as well as it is home to the renowned New Jersey Symphony Orchestra. New Jersey Performing Arts Center is comprised of four major sections ranging from Prudential Hall to Victoria Theatre, The Chase Room, and Horizon Theater.
  • New Jersey Historical Society: It is a renowned history museum and a historical society located in the heart of Newark City. It is home to two floors of exhibition space, the hall for speeches, and a gift store. The wide variety of exhibits are placed at the second and third floor of the museum. New Jersey Historical Society is opened for the visitors from late morning till the dusk.

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