Florida Keys – the Magnificent Chain of Islands

Florida Keys

Stationed on the southern coast of Florida, one of the most mesmerizing and provocative vacation site –the Florida Keys, regarded as a spot of the soothing and beguiling atmosphere because of its enthralling beauty. These heaven-like “Keys” mostly consist of several tropical islands that stretch for about 120 miles. These islands are teeming with astonishing activities which enhance the vibe of the tropical atmosphere there. The Keys were initially populated by Native Americans and later it became one of the largest towns in Florida. Keys are also known for its trade routes links between Cuba, Bahamas and the main trade route from New Orleans. The geological history of the Florida Keys has a bewildering impression as the Keys islands were instigated on an ancient coral reef but their miraculous structure was altered because of the drastic change in sea level.

With proper highways connecting to the chain of sublime islands along with lodgings contributing to the scenic views, the sea water splashing onto the sand beating the sun rays along with nothing but the magnificent limbo trees in sight is the perfect environment to sip on your favourite drink and to exhale all the anxiety while away from the demanding life of cities. The hotels also vary from luxurious to the budget that minimizes the stress to bargain for a suitable hotel room which exists in almost every vacation. The Keys also host several exhilarating events like the Key West’s Fantasy Fest. Although the Islands are best to be discovered on foot due to a wide number of trails, the Keys also offer cars on rent along the towns own bus services.

Things to Do 
Talking about the thrilling activities at the Florida Keys, which qualify it enough to immerse people with divergent interests other than sitting back and appreciate this perplexing landmark – there are a variety of things tourists can enjoy to make their already glorious vacation even more fun and adventurous. Fishing (such as spearfishing), a thrilling adventure on jet skis and other water activities are the tourist’s most favorite, however, the romantic and scenic cruises, as well as the famous Ocean Sunset Sail is also suitable for the majority of visitors. Cruising through the clear and pure waters of the Keys’ beaches is an intriguing experience of Dolphin witnessing and most Importantly – fishing. The Keys never fail to amaze every individual who has had paid a visit there, perhaps it attracts an enormous figure of around 98 million visitors yearly, with a majestic experience throughout the visit.

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