Explore the America’s Most Livable City – Pittsburg


Pittsburg– the second largest in terms of commonwealth in the state of Pennsylvania. Pittsburg, also known as the ‘Steel City’ on the United States, it earned this title due to various steel-related businesses in the city, there are estimated to be 300 of such. Another name Pittsburg earned is the ‘City of Bridges’ that is due to—that pretty self-explanatory, the city is home to more than 400 bridges build throughout the region. Pittsburg is not the only steel-manufacture; in fact, the city’s commonwealth depends on various other businesses such as the Glass, Aluminum, Foods, Sports, Petroleum, and electronics.

Wheel of time and economic revolution:
In the previous century, Pittsburg was only behind New York and Chicago in terms of corporate employment, the city actually had held the most United States’ Stockholders (per capita). In the deindustrialization in 1980’s, the white-collar workers had to pick up their stuff and leave, but that wasn’t sufficed to let the city such as Pittsburg in downfall. Still to this day, big names in the industries such as the Apple, Facebook, Google, Uber, IBM and Bosch are some of the few in the pool of sixteen hundred technology firms that are generating more than 20 Billion USD into the city (payroll). According to The Economist’s Ranking, Pittsburg grips tightly as the ‘Most Livable City’ on the first or the second spot in the United States.

Art & Entertainment Culture in City:
Pittsburg is a home to lively culture of entertainment and art. Even in the 19 th century, the city donated a big sum to build Benedum Center and Heinz Hall for performing Arts. It is also home to the respected Pittsburg’s Symphony Orchestra and Pittsburg Opera. Traditionally, Pittsburg has a long history with Blues and Jazz music. The city is home to numerous pubs that feature local talent almost every night on an open mic stage, it also led to the establishment of the America’s first African American Opera Company that is known as the ‘National Negro Opera Company’. There are various other spot where you can get familiar with the local entertainment scene, whether is the Quantum Theater or just an Irish Pub down the block.

Apart from music and live performances, Pittsburg is known to host a great deal of Museums, while sorting them some of the big names comes up such as the Carnegie Museum of Art, Andy Warhol Museum, and Frick Art & Historical Center. These are the tip of an iceberg, there are countless other entailment option for you while you’re exploring the America’s most livable city, it doesn’t matter what your interest are, whether it is rock music or the classical orchestra in an open theater, the city host something for everybody.

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