Boston and Its Harbor Cruise

Boston Cruse Terminal

Boston, with its new invigorated waterfront, has tossed open its front vistas to the incredible stretch of the Boston Harbor. There is a chance for you to have memorable experience or to stroll down to the seafront and to get on board a boat to sense the coastal gusts, discern the salty breeze and glance at the city’s stunning panorama.

Harbor Cruises
Every year, for three seasons, there are tour boats that pilot the harbor, providing the passengers with a fresh and gorgeous outlook on some of Boston’s views. If you float around the Inner Harbor, you will get the glimpses of the tower of the Old North Church, the containers of the USS Constitution and the real view of the town’s tea party.

If you can float further, you will experience the delight of the Harbor Islands, such as a scene of the old Boston Light. If you want to catch the optimum ray, sail during the day, to glimpse at the amazing sun setting scenery set sail in the evening, and to enjoy the loveliest sight of city lights and beautiful cocktails cruise at night.

Boston Harbor Cruises
There is a variety of scenes to watch and things to do with Boston Harbor Cruises (BHC). It offers a full register of eye-catching sights on a double-decker traveler car-ferry. The USS Constitution Cruise provides the travelers the opportunity to leave the boat and discover the Charlestown Nary Yard from April-November. Other brilliant opportunities are longer scenic cruises, brunch cruises and sunset cruises available from May to early days of September,

Codzilla, with 2800-horsepower, is a turbo-charged fast boat, giving your thrilling experience of splashing water and getting wet. With rock music and super speed, a fantastic chance to enjoy with family and friends.

Super Duck Tours
Ducks floating over water is an incredible sight, isn’t it? But how cool it will be to sit on a duck and enjoy sailing with it! Yes, it is possible through Super Duck Tours; these Ducks are amphibious car-ferries to take you around the town over both water and land. The tour length is ninety minute and is called ‘super’ because of its solo presence in the harbor, providing you scenes of the Charlestown Navy Yard.

Liberty Fleet Sail Boats
These cruises are available for both daytime and sunset time. Something touristy and enjoyable when visiting Boston Harbor!

Whale Watching
Whale-watching trip is one of the most enjoyable and exciting boat trips from the town: the enthusiasm of marking an infringing humpback, watching minke and fin, along with beautiful dolphins and various types of sea birds, everything just matchless!

If you get a trip of this kind, you will get Stellwagen Bank as a destination, which is a gorgeous feeding area for sea life. If you are eagle-eyed, you can view and discern many other things worth loving and seeing. You will also experience the talk of naturalists sitting on board and pointing out the sea life, and they will answer your questions as well.

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