Ensure a lifetime vacation by starting for the East Coast Road Trips

East Coast US

1. White Mountains (Lincoln, New Hampshire)
Start in New Hampshire in the White Mountains region. This will give its visitors incredible outdoor experience if you explore on horseback and are the adventurous types. Ride through hardwood forest and meadows and enjoy the panoramic views of the mountain. You can also take part in activities such as taking a moose safari tour or the Saco River Tubing.

2. Portland Head Light (Cape Elizabeth, Maine)
The Portland Head Lighthouse to the coast is the most photographed lighthouses that were lit on 1791, Jan 10, for the first time. Walk on these fantastic shores and see the stunning views. Halt by the museum and know the history.

3. The Witch House (Salem, Massachusetts)
Salem, Massachusetts is a historic town, and the Witch House was Jonathan Corwin, the judge’s home once as he served during the Trails of Salem Witch and sent 19 people to the gallows. This house alone is the structure standing representing the event of 1962.

4. New York Botanical Gardens (Bronx, New York)
Take a nature walk, keeping away from the noise of busy areas and enjoy the Botanical Gardens of New York. This is a landmark and is the largest featuring 250 acres. Catch sight of over 200 cherry blossom trees in the gardens and visiting during spring means you are lucky to see the beautiful plants in blossom.

5. National Constitution Center (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
If you and your family admire the latest sensation of music Hamilton, then you must know the actual history. Also, stop by historic landmarks including the Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. The National Constitutional Center also brings interactive exhibits and leadership talks to life.

6. Smithsonian’s National Zoo (Washington, D.C.)
The Smithsonian’s National Zoo is worth visiting and is free of charge. It houses over 300 different species and 1500 animals. This zoo is a hidden treasure sitting in the Rock Creek Park heart away from the crowd, and so is the Bird House outdoor Flight cage. You can go close to the free-flying birds.

7. King Street (Alexandria, Virginia)
George Washington called this old town Alexandra to be his home. This is also referred to as the Great streets of America and so walking on the King Street or jump on a trolley on the King Street it is free, and you can stop at any of the boutiques or best local restaurants.

8. George Washington and Jefferson National Forests (Roanoke, Virginia)
Visit the George Washington and Jefferson National Forests taking a bike ride. It extends across the Appalachian Mountains and touches few West Virginia parts and Kentucky. It is the largest public lands out in the East. If you are ready to spend the night outdoors, enjoy their developed campgrounds.

9. Union Point Park (New Bern, North Carolina)
Visit this riverfront escape featuring delicious eateries and tiny boutiques. Stroll through Union Point Park and feel the relaxing, perfect atmosphere suitable for sitting on the park bench or to have a picnic in the waterfront sights.

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