Choosing the Best Destinations for Your Road Trip in South America.

South America

Summer brings with it irresistible outdoor weather for those fun-loving road users like myself. Whether you want to hijack the opportunity for low fuel prices or just simply get out of the house, the American south has some of the best drive cities you’ve never been to.

We have consulted far and wide, and listed what we believe to be the best destinations you can travel to, south in America, based on our respondents’ adventure, fun and originality.

From New Orleans to Florida, this 700 Km stretch of road is akin to a seafood testing outing. And for those of us who can’t resist a little ‘vitamin sea’ like myself, there is plenty of opportunities to surf, kayak or just hang out on beaches along the way.

Bacchanal Fine Wine and Spirits is a well-known spot for free wine tasking and a great stop over before you set your sights on Ocean Springs, east of the biggest river on earth – the Mississippi. On the way is Tammany Trace, a paved hiking trail. Enjoy ribs at the Shed BBQ and join fellow fun seekers for an evening kayak. Bask in the sandy beaches of Alabama, all seven miles of them and visit Audubon Bird sanctuary to catch sight of up to 420 different bird species.

 The Appalachian Mountains offer a scenic tour along the Blue Ridge Parkway, a highway that cuts through three states heading south, from Virginia and North Carolina into Tennessee. At about 750 Kilometers long, this entire journey will take up to two days, but is incredibly rewarding. The Blue Ridge Parkway cuts through two national parks –Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee and Shenandoah National Park in Virginia – all famous with environmentalists as it features many of the world’s endangered plant species.

Kiawah Island in South Carolina is a little-known world-class destination for summer retreats, and a great spot for sea lovers. This island is a haven for tourists and features so many vacation rental property you may be spoilt for choice. There, you can indulge yourself by golfing, swimming and fine dining. While in Beachwalker County Park, ranked among the top beaches in the United States, you will most definitely enjoy all it has to offer, its architecture in particular.

Along the west coast lies the Pacific Coast Highway, arguably the most iconic coastal route in the world that offers a coast-hugging driving experience and an awe-inspiring collection of landmarks, beach towns and historic towns. Begin your trip at the historic Golden gate bridge in San Francisco and head down south through the bustling metropolis of Los Angeles, experience Santa Barbara’s stretching vineyards and head to your destination in San Diego, close to the Mexican border.

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