A tourists’ guide to Boston

A tourists' guide to Boston

Boston is a fascinating place worth visiting. It is full of sights and activities that any tourist can spend the best of the time in this oldest city of the United States that is pleasant. A simple tourist’s guide to Boston includes all the details:

Must Visit Places in Boston: If your stay is for a short time in Boston, you must see certain places. Follow 1.5 miles redbrick trail as the first thing. It is referred to as the Freedom Trail. As it is the oldest US cities, it had a crucial role in the American Revolution and catching the history on this trail is possible with the historical sites. This Trail of Freedom is the Faneuil Hall of 1742, Faneuil Hall Marketplace and the festival marketplace including the North and South Market buildings and Quincy Market. You can browse the push carts, grab a bite at the Quincy Market canopies and take part in any of the street performances. If you love baseball, you must visit Fenway Park that is the Rex Sox home and offers 50 minute tours daily. Remember to visit Cambridge and travel the Charles River that houses two top universities, MIT and Harvard. These are prestigious institutions and presents Cambridge as a great combination of architecture, plenty of sights and great restaurants.

Ways to get Around: Boston public transportation system is extensive and you can use it from the airport. Taking the SL1 is best as it stops at Logan Airports terminals and also drops you at the Red Line Boston Subway.  There are Commuter Rail, Ferries, Buses and subways, economical to use and to get around as you like. The taxis are also equally affordable and if you need taxi, you must call a cab company especially if you are not in Boston Common areas. You can visit around Boston even on a bicycle.

Eating in Boston: In Boston, eating at some local restaurants is best than eating at some national chain famous restaurant.  Some of the amazing dishes that are best to eat and some of the best restaurants that will offer a treat are Bistro du Midi, Grotto, Audubon Circle, Eastern Standard, Trade and Sportello.

Relaxing in Boston: After exploring the rich history of Boston, you can find places to unwind, or to get a spa treatment in any of the fitness or health centers. You can also attend at the House of Blues a concert that charges from the waterfront a 27 dollar taxi ride.

Important factors worth considering are the weather, the traveler’s age and the fact that most activities are closed during winter. Some of the best places of visit that are not must include the Duck Tour. This allows seeing Boston in a different prospective from the Charles River. New England Aquarium is for all ages and is a great aquarium to see marine life. Whale Watching is very attractive, but most companies also guarantee that if you do not see whales, they give you a free entry for another try to see whales. There are many things in Boston city to do and enjoy that it is good to follow a tourist guide.

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