Top10 places to visit in North America

North America's attraction

North America is a tremendous place when one can experience the all the extremeness in the seasons extreme winter, extreme summer, extreme dry, extreme snow, extreme wet etc. there are nearly twenty best places in north America which everyone must visit. The places are as follows

Mississippi River
The river is the one of the best places in North America to visit it is one of the largest rivers in the United States. This river will cover all over the United States. Main functionality of this river is to serve as drainage basin for North America. It rises in northern Minnesota and finally ends near Canada. This river is ranked as the 4th longest and 9th largest in the world pool of rivers. The river has a greater lake view which is extremely beautiful. Many parts of the river are used for agriculture in the previous days.

Yellow Stone National Park: It is the US first national park and also in the World. This park is a pool of different varieties of animals, birds, mammals. The park contains most rare animals like Grizzly Bears, Wolves, Bison, elk. Even more forest fires will occur in this park. During winter the place will be extraordinary to visit mounted with full of snow over there.

Statue of liberty: The statue of liberty is in the liberty harbor which is placed in 12 acres liberty state. The liberty is nearly225 tone weight and 305 feet width. 8 feet tall statue. The reason of this statue is showing the light which means freedom to the United States and a best place to visit.

Massachusetts is a wonderful hub of many places. The place which everyone must visit is museum of fine arts it was great, Fenway Park in Boston was really beautiful, Tangle wood where one can find the best cafe in the world, old north church etc. The Niagara Water falls is the most beautiful place which you have ever seen the place is mainly a source of hydroelectric power. The rate of visitors is very high. The waterfalls are very attractive during the day and also night. Never go out of USA without visiting this wonderful place.

The next amazing place is Disney land which was constructed by the supervision of Walt Disney in 1955.This is one of the best amusement parks over the world. In the Disney land one can get enjoyment, dancing, singing, and variety of dishes for dinner etc.

Banff national park is one of the Canada’s oldest national park where can open their eyes completely without closing because the scenery is awesome. It is the most adventures park. Snow skating is very famous in the Banff.

The most photographed bridge in the world is Golden Gate Bridge. Many people prefer to walk over the bridge and bicycle it gives immense pleasure. The bridge is very bright color which attracts very much. Slaton Sea and Sun Valley are very famous places that everyone should visit them.

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