The State Vermont – Quiet and Peaceful Place

Vermont - Lake Champlain

State Vermont—A land primarily widespread with forests and picturesque landscapes, a land of natural treasure and scenery that will leave you in awe. State Vermont is 80% consisted of forests. However, that does not mean State Vermont is short on population–thousands of travelers come to mark their beautiful journey of adventure in their holidays each year. The small towns, with beautiful backgrounds, are greenery spread throughout, are a heaven for photographers as well for people who are looking for some peaceful time with nature. Usually, people come here in winter so they could ski up in the mountains, but the rest of year is also occupied by wanderers and newlywed couples on their honeymoons. Well, if you find yourself in State Vermont or contemplating over the idea of exploring the spectacular work of nature, here are few honorable mentions where you can begin your adventure.

Church Street Marketplace:
If you don’t mind strolling around for a bit, the Church Street Marketplace is the perfect place for you. It is an outdoor shopping mall for pedestrians; you will hundreds of people every day, most of them are tourists trying to grab something as a souvenir for their loved ones back home. The origin of Church Street Marketplace started from the day when the city held a street fair for the people at the Burlington, Vermont. Roughly 15000 people attended the fair, in terms of corporate perspective this was a feasible opportunity for a mall. Rather than being an ordinary mall, this one is outdoors, you can stroll around trying to grab something, and you will certainly find it if you look hard enough since this place is a hub of all the stuff around the world.

Lake Champlain:
You have probably already seen Lake Champlain in the photographs on calendars and wallpapers, but seeing it in person is certainly a delighted experience. For those of you, who’ve not heard of Lake Champlain before, it is naturally-made Lake on the borders of US-Canada, Vermont. The water is so blue and crystal clear, the entire area is surrounded by natural forest, you can grab yourself a beer and sit on the shore and start enjoying the view as well as some quality alone time, which everyone envies.

Smugglers’ Notch State Park:
If you are a big fan of outdoors and love to hike while breathing fresh air as well as feasting your eyes over the spectacular vista that has eloped you, then Smugglers’ Notch State Park is certainly the place for you. It is located in Lamoille County, a few minutes away from Stowe. You are probably wondering why is called Smugglers’ Notch Park, well it during the time of Thomas Jefferson when he tried to prevent American involvement in the Napoleonic War, which led to boycott trade from Great Britain and Canada, so the British used this area to smuggle goods to Canada—Hence the name. It truly a remarkable place, wear your hiking shoes, fill your water bottle, and get ready to get lost in Smugglers’ Notch State Park.

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