The Place of American Movie Stars – Palm Springs California

The Place of American Movie Stars - Palm Springs California

Palm Springs, California sits in a middle of the desert country and over 350 days that are virtually cloudless this is a perfect place to come and spend some time in the sun. Palm Springs is in Southern California Desert surrounded by mountains. It has developed a cosmopolitan inclusive style while promoting many avenues for exploring the unique desert and mountain surroundings. Dining options range from elegant for familiar, there’s a bar for every taste; you can lounge with friends on the balcony of your choosing or listen to the blues over a beer.

Getting to know the region:
Palm Springs was once the playground for the American movie stars, as you walk the street you are following in the footsteps of such stars as Frank Sinatra and Bob Hope. Well, that age is gone it is forever preserved in the very style of the town. To begin your day a local may advise you to go to Manhattan in the desert, having both delicious deli and restaurant menu you can grab something to go or pull up to the counter for a perfect breakfast then it’s off to the mountains for an outdoor adventure.

The Palm Springs aerial tramway brings you up 8500 feet and cars that rotate 360 degrees, ensuring that no one misses the view. Awaiting you at the top is the San Jacinto State Park, it is a very relaxing place but the butterscotch aroma of the Jeffery Pine in the air Stellar Jay’s hoping along the golden mountain streams. There is also reward for hiking to the mountain edge. After a quick climb, you have access to an unforgettable view of the desert below.

A Retreat from the Heat:
If you are looking for another cool retreat from the desert heat then drive to Big Bear Lake is worth the effort. Once the land of grizzly bears is now placed for fishing, boating, and outdoor recreation. The Palm Springs calls you back down the weaving mountain roads, pass the giant wind farms and into another unique desert destination. Another place near Palm Springs is very much worth the visit, it is a place called Living Desert. Here you will see on display a lot of adaptations that both animals and plants have had to make in order to live in such extreme places as the deserts of Africa, Asia, Middle East, and California.

You will learn how the animals have adapted to the desert, as well as humans have adapted to desert as well by building small miniature trains, you will see there. Actually, it seems like an odd place to find a model engine display it is truly impressive. To end the day in Palm Springs, nothing can be more fitting than some tequila, fajitas, and chips. Indeed, Palm Springs has much more to offer which we encourage you to explore for yourself.

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