What should you expect to see when you visit America – Canada Border?

Haskell Free Library

What should you expect to see when you visit America-Canada Border? 
Well about 80 percent residents of Canada live at America –Canada border and there are many places to visit at this location where one can spend and enjoy his or her time. If you are a Canadian national then the rules for you will be much flexible by the authorities, hence tourism much easier as well.

What should you expect to see when you visit America-Canada Border?

We will discuss each particular location in the bullet points below

  • Once you are at the America-Canada Border, then there are basically three towns near the border which you as a tourist can visit. We will start with derby line which is close by the Quebec border. A number of streets are being shared by derby line and stanstead for example Canusa Avenue located in Canada, however the houses located at the southern part are at US side.
  • The second place located at USA-Canada border is Haskell Free Library along with the opera house, it is basically a place of historical importance built back in 1904, however the interesting point is that the library is divided by border with one side at USA and One side towards Canada, in fact a black line is visible over the wood floor of the library indicating the border.
  • Vermont is also a nice place to visit, you can visit the Shelburne yards, moreover as a tourist you can also visit St. Johns bury where you can spend some time skiing at the famous burke mountain especially in the winter season.
  • The St Mary River basically divides the Michigan’s Sault Ste. Marie is basically the name of two cities, with one city located in Canada and other city in United States of America. These two cities are quite close to Lake Superior. It is a good place where you as a visitor can enjoy some swimming and relax yourself as well.
  • The most famous place to visit at Canada and America border is the Niagara Falls. Which is quite all over the world, as a visitor Niagara fall is a very nice place to visit. It is a good place where one can relax himself and enjoy some nice natural environment. Again Niagara Falls is located at both sides of the border so you can visit and see the fall from both side of the border.

These were some of the famous spots which one can visit while visiting the border areas of America and Canada. If you want to know more, then you can surely search the internet as there are many other places as well which one can visit in these bordering areas.

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