Avoid wrecking your wallet in the US for a meal

US meals

Food lovers or not, people do not want to wreck their wallet for a meal. The U.S has best places to have your choice of food and varieties at affordable prices. There is Chinese food also available that does not bust your budget. Here are few sites that offer preferred food and ensure your wallet is safe.

Ben’s Chili Bowl
This is located in Washington D.C and is a good neighborhood attracting celebrities and local diners in plenty for its dish. This is a chili that is aromatic and mildly hot and is sure to stick to your ribs. People can have a chili dog or a large bowl filled for not more than $10.

Big Star
This authentic place is in Chicago and Paul Kahan, the chef offers the taco de Panza featuring crisp pork belly with tomato guajillo salsa, al pastor pineapple –toped and taco de pa On St. Thomas, pas’ corn rajas with queso cotija and potatoes. The price of each taco ranges somewhere between $2.50 to $4.

Bollywood Theater
This is an Indian food that is strictly authentic and impressionistic. You can try a Kati roll or lamb samosas, pickled onion, green chutney or a stuffed paratha with paneer or chicken. The dishes here are at $10 or even less.

Mamacita, Los Angeles, CA
Reaching Mamacita among the tourist’s throngs is worth it in the Hollywood and Highland mall. The Peruvian spot of chef Ricardo Zarate serves wraps and bowls, ceviche made with organic and high-quality ingredients. You are sure to enjoy within or around $10 a hearty meal.

Greenville Avenue Pizza Company
This is in Dallas and is very special as everything is house-made, even the sauce. The pizza here comes loaded with pepperoni, hamburger, ham, bacon, and sausage. In fact, here you can also create your own calzone or pizza by choosing the sauce, size, seasonings, cheese, and toppings. You will find a huge selection of everything. You can surely get a slice for $4 or a whole large pie for $14.

La Taqueria
La Taqueria is in San Francisco serving tacos, burritos, and quesadillas, besides it offers the real fruit drinks. The carnitas here are cooked in lard and so are meltingly tender, while the chorizo is lean and spicy and the best is the carne asada in the entire neighborhood. You can enjoy tacos at $4, burritos at $8.50 and the vegetarian version for $4.

Xi’an Famous Foods
This food court is in Flushing, Queens. It is famous for its lamb burger featuring a lamb patty that has a combination of peppers and cumin place in a Chinese Bun. The price is at $5, while the hand-pulled noodles ring bowls are $10.

Parkway Bakery & Tavern
Parkway Bakery & Tavern is located in New Orleans. People are tempted of fried shrimp po’ boy sandwiches that include tomatoes, lettuce, mayo, and pickles. Their other temptations include catfish, hot roast beef, sausage, oysters, shrimp, and ham. Here, even the large size sandwich may cost around $10.

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