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2-Day From New York/NJ to Watkins Glen/Corning and Niagara Falls Tour

$85.32/$108.00 Save:$22.68 i
2-Day From New York/NJ to Watkins Glen/Corning and Niagara Falls Tour
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Departure City Brooklyn NY US; East Brunswick NJ US; Flushing NY US; Jersey city NJ US; New York City NY US; Parsippany NJ US
Return City Jersey City NJ US; New York City NY US
Language Chinese and English
Available Days Daily
Duration 2 Day(s) / 1 Night(s)
Tour code GOL-NYC-157

Explore Corning Museum of Glass, Watkins Glen, Niagara Falls, Niagara IMAX film, American Fall, Horseshoe Fall and Bridal Veil Fall, Niagara River, Maid of the Mist, Old Fort Niagara and Whirlpool State Park on our exciting 2-day bus tour starting from New York with special discounts and hotel reservation.

Day 1
New York - Corning - Watkins Glen (summer) - Niagara Falls

Guests will start the tour from New York and New Jersey in the morning. First, our tour group will travel to the Corning Museum of Glass which houses the largest collection of glass exhibits (only in summers). Next, we arrive at Watkins Glen region where located over twenty waterfalls, dramatic cliffs, mountains, and lush greenery. In winters, the Watkins Glen remains closed for the public, our tour group will visit the Secret Caverns instead. After that, guests will reach the magnificent Niagara Falls. Upon arrival, the breathtaking roars of the American Fall, Horseshoe Fall, and Bridal Veil Fall. Guests won’t miss watching the Niagara IMAX film (winter only) to learn about the region’s past and geography (only in winters). The night illuminations of Niagara Falls with bring a wonderful ending of the day. Return to the hotels overnight.

Hotel: Quality Inn Airport Hotel, Sleep Inn Amherst, Days Inn Batavia, Or Similar.

Day 2
Niagara Falls - New York

Begin the day in the heart of Niagara Falls discovering the core charms of the region. Board our exciting Niagara In-depth tour and tour the two major sites, the Old Fort Niagara and Whirlpool State Park (optional). Appreciate experiencing the sightseeing Maid of the Mist Cruise on the Niagara River. In acase of Maid of the Mist cruise remains closed during winter, guests will enjoy experiencing the famous Niagara Jetboat Ride. If time permits, we won’t miss watching the Niagara IMAX Movie (Optional). In winters, our tour group will take a tour of Corning Glass Museum. After that, guests will return to New York to complete the tour.

  • 1. The order of itinerary may change without any notice depending on weather situations or for some other unforeseen circumstances.
  • 2. The order of activities held during the tour is planned by the tour guide. So, it may be different from what is mentioned on the tour page. On fewer occasions, Tour Guide has to skip an attraction or few during the tour depending on weather, traffic, group interest or some other reason.
  • 3. Some attractions are seasonal. So, when they are closed they will be replaced with some other attraction.
  • 4. You can skip some optional activities during the tour and plan something on your own. Make sure that you coordinate with Tour guide and stay with the group with next activity. Please note you cannot stay on the bus if you skip some optional activity.
  • 5. Probable hotel names are mentioned in the itinerary. It can be similar or a different hotel of the similar rating. Exact Hotel details can only be provided one day before the departure.
  • 6. Maximum 4 people of any age can stay in 1 Room in the hotel.
  • 7. These tours are conducted in a group. A group can have people of several cultures. We expect each person to coordinate with Tour guide to make sure things are on track.
  • 8. Though attractions are optional but you have to at least take 2 attractions.
cost includes

  Passengers will be picked up and dropped off at their chosen locations. (Please take notice of locations and times of pick up)

  All tours are carried out in air conditioned bus. We may also use a minivan depending on the number of people booking the tour.

  A professional tour escort will be with you throughout the tour.

  Tour package price includes all the taxes.

cost Excludes

  Rates could alter without prior notice.

  Optional fees will be paid in cash to the guide. Optional activities price may change or can be different as displayed on the website.

  Guide will arrange meals and drinks when requested as they are not included in the package.

  Daily Service charges for driver and the guide is $10 minimum per person.

  Such expenses as telephone services, alcoholic drinks, beverages and laundry services which are private room services.

  Services related to travel insurance.

  Other personal expenses.

Important: We never encourage customers to purchase admission packages from outside sources and try using them in this tour with discount. If they do, they must arrange transport on the same day. If you skip some attraction, you cannot do it on your own. You can sit near the bus or visit some nearby place, but you will not be allowed to sit in the bus.

Attractions Adult Child(3-11 yrs) Senior (65+ yrs)
Corning Museum of Glass, NY$20.00$0.00$17.00
Jet Boat Ride, Niagara Falls, NY$69.00$69.00$69.00
Maid of the Mist Boat Ride, Niagara Falls, NY$19.25$11.20$19.25
Niagara Adventure Movie, NY$12.00$9.00$12.00
Niagara Falls In-Depth Tour, NY$25.00$15.00$22.00
Secret Caverns, NY$18.00$10.00$18.00
Watkins Glen State Park, NY$10.00$8.00$10.00
Important Notes
  • 1. All the prices are listed in USD.
  • 2. Tour display price is based on double occupancy. It is the price each person will pay if a group of two is traveling.
  • 3. Prices may change without any notice.
  • 4. Prices include hotel accommodation, transportation and taxes.
  • 5. Admission Tickets to different places and meals are NOT included in the tour price.
  • 6. Mandatory Tip for tour guide and driver are NOT included.
  • 7. Only the tour guide can purchase entrance tickets for you. Pre-purchased tickets are NOT acceptable.
  • 8. A free (i.e. Buy 2 Get 1 Free) person, not showing up on a departure date will result in a penalty. The penalty is usually the fourth person price, but it varies. Free person has to pay for some admission tickets that is included in the tour package price of Paid Person.
  • 9. There must be at least one passenger of 18 years for every booking made with GoldenBusTours. For Children between the age group of 2 to 14 years, a different price will be charged. Please refer to Child price on our pricing calendar. Child Age may vary between different bus operators. Maximum 4 people of any age can stay in 1 Room in the hotel. If the 5th person is infant you will be charged normally then with the second room as an expense.
  • 10. Activities are optional though, but each customer has to participate in 2 activities at least. No city pass allowed. Some attractions are mandatory. Each customer has to take part in them and have to pay for them in cash.
Departure Locations

133-30 39th Avenue, (Asian Jewels Seafood Restaurant) Flushing, NY 11354 at 06:45 AM    

6102 8th Ave, (HSBC Bank) Brooklyn, NY 11220 at 07:00 AM (Drop off at Chinatown, Pick-up only, no drop-off)    

275 NJ-18, (near Lake Ave side) East Brunswick, NJ 08816 at 7:00 AM    

75 Chrystie St, Chinatown, Manhattan, New York, NY 10002 at 08:00 AM    

125 Eighteenth St, (Acme Market) Jersey City, NJ 07310 at 8:15 AM    

828 US - 46, (Top Quality Food Market) Parsippany, NJ 07054 at 08:45 AM    

Returns Locations

828 US - 46, (Top Quality Food Market) Parsippany, NJ 07054 at 07:00 PM

125 Eighteenth St, (Acme Market) Jersey City, NJ 07310 at 8:00 PM

75 Chrystie St,Chinatown, Manhattan, New York, NY 10002 at 08:15 PM

133-30 39th Avenue, (Asian Jewels Seafood Restaurant) Flushing, NY 11354 at 09:00 PM

253 NJ-18, East Brunswick, NJ 08816  Valid for 5/25 to 9/3 (Shuttle from Manhattan, Chinatown).

Important Notes
  • 1. Arrive at departure location 10 to 15 minutes before the mentioned time to make sure you catch the bus on time. If in case you are late, the bus will not wait for you at the location and ultimately you will miss the entire tour (no refund in this case).
  • 2. Return time on the website is just an estimation. Expect some variation always. Time may change depending on traffic and weather situations
  • 3. There is a possibility that tour operator may use a shuttle to drop you off at the return location. It usually happens in the case of multiple return locations.
  • 4. You can leave the tour at any place only after signing a Tour Departure Form for leaving the tour early.
  • 5. Please note that price will stay the same even if you leave the tour early.
  • 6. If you have booked a pre-tour hotel stay, then you will have to arrange your own transport from hotel to departure location.
  • 7. If you have booked extra night hotel after the tour, then you will arrange transport from drop off point to hotel.
  • 8. On West Coast tours some bus operators have a lot of departure locations. A slow start is expected on these tours.
Reservation, Booking & Redemption

Terms & Conditions

Any travel service purchases indicate your acceptance of the Terms & Conditions set out herein.

You are advised to carefully read through and understand these Terms & Conditions before making your booking.

Tour Confirmation

You will get an email immediately once you place an order. Tour Confirmation usually takes 2, 3 days except for urgent order. Urgent orders can be confirmed in a day or even few hours, but we can’t assure success in these cases. On fewer occasions, some of the others may require a longer period of time for confirmation. You are advised not to book airline tickets unless you have received the confirmation.

E-Ticket (Mandatory to be on bus)

Your e-ticket includes complete operator information such as local telephone numbers at your destination. You are required to print the e-tickets and bring them along with you on the trip. They will be needed as proof of purchase.

Changes in Booking

You may incur a fee for any revisions or alterations made to the reservation when the booking has already been confirmed. Cancellation fees may be applied to things such as name changes or corrections. They may also apply to tour date changes or tour itinerary changes. Please note that no departure changes are permitted 72 hours before departure.

Changes in Tour Itinerary

We are continuously striving to improve tour itineraries and features. In the event of unforeseen circumstances that are beyond the control, we do reserve the right to vary the itineraries and to substitute hotels. Duplicate departures may operate during certain peak periods, sometimes in reverse order. As such, hotels may vary from those included on the itinerary pages.


All reschedule or change in tour requests should be sent seven days before the departure date. Reschedule requests made 7 days more before departure is subject to reschedule Fee. There is $100/per day/per Room charges for rescheduling usually.

Cancellation or Reschedule charges are applicable even if you are NOT able to take the tour because of visa rejection.


1. One room can accommodate maximum 4 people. Even if you are 5 people including 1 month old baby you still need 2 rooms.

2. If you can carry your child up to 3 years of age then you do not need to book seats for him. It may vary from one tour to another.

3. Service providers hold the right to change the itinerary and hotel arrangements without any notice.

4. Child (0-9 years) and Single traveler going on the tour have special rates. These prices vary from one tour to another.

5. Meals and Attractions are not included. You can ask your tour guide to try to arrange the meal for you as per your requirements. For attractions, admission fees pay it to the tour guide on the tour.

6. Prices may change without any notice because of prices fluctuation in the market.

7. All prices mentioned on the website are in US dollars.

8. In Case of Bank Wire Transfer customer have to bear Wire transfer fee.

9. Tour package price is inclusive of taxes.

10. Tour Prices are every individual and in view of room inhabitance.

Child Rate:

Child rates are applicable for children between (0-12 years) of age. Parents are advised to bring car seats for the safety of their child.

Buy 2 Get 3rd discounted: Get 3rd Ticket on special discounted rates on the purchase of 2 tickets.


No matter the reason for the cancellation, we are forced to carry costly charges from our travel and hotel providers in the form of penalties and fees that re-incurred when there is a cancellation of confirmed or pending bookings. As such, there are cancellation penalties or fees incurred. Determination of the time of cancellation will be done when the notice is received and confirmed by our office. You must make any notice of cancellation directly to GoldenBusTours by email or webmail at the Contact Us section.

We reserve the right to cancel or re-schedule any tour departure with respect to operating requirement or circumstances beyond control. In case a cancellation is made at any given moment in time before departure, our only liability as GoldenBusTours will be to refund you, the passenger with the amount we received for the booking of the tour. We will try our best to re-book the same or similar tour. We are not responsible for any cancellation penalties that may have been incurred on any other travel arrangements inclusive of separate purchase of air tickets.

We are not liable for any other travel arrangements that have been affected as a result of the cancellations.

Cancellation Charges

⇒  8 days or more prior to departure - 10% of the tour fees will be charged as cancellation

⇒  4-7 days prior to departure - 75% of the tour fees will be charged as cancellation

⇒  3 days prior to departure – 100% tour fees will be charged as cancellation

An add-on fee of 6% for handling fees is charged in addition to the above penalties.

There is no refund for unused features. You forfeit the entire payment when you are a no show.

Cancellation or Reschedule charges are applicable even if you are NOT able to take the tour because of visa rejection. If you reschedule tour and later decides to cancel it then cancellation charges will be applicable to the original departure date and not to the rescheduled one.

In order for there not to be a cancellation, a minimum number of participants are required. We reserve the right to cancel a scheduled trip although every effort is made by us to ensure that normal operations are maintained.


For any refund case, we do include the discount offered already. This is where GoldenBusTours is playing its role to make sure its customers get the best available deal at an affordable price.

No refund request or complaint will be entertained after 30 days of tour departure. You have to send a formal complaint through email.

Buy 2 Get 3rd Free: 

⇒  In the case of free passenger cancellation kindly update us 7 days before the departure. 

⇒  In the case of late cancellation request or free passenger does not show up on tour day then $128 will be charged.

1. We highly recommend you to provide your flight details while booking tour with us or at least send us flight details via email 3 days before your tour departure. In case of non-compliance, you will be asked to join your hotel on the first day of tour at your own expense
2. Please check our return timings before booking your return flights at the end of the tour. During high season (National and Summer Holidays) book your flights at least 1 hour later than the suggested time.

3. Before booking any tour make sure to go through every detail like tour itinerary, tour price, cancellation policy,  reschedule and refund policies.

4. You should either bring a printed copy of your E-Ticket or bring it in your smartphone on the day of tour departure. You should also bring a valid photo ID along with your E-Ticket. In the case of any issues for not carrying E-Ticket or Photo ID GoldenBusTour will not be responsible.

5. Make sure to provide a valid phone number so we can reach you in the case of any emergency.

6. Please read all important notes, inclusion, exclusion section, terms and conditions, policies and below notes.

    6a. Tour Operator holds the right to cancel the tour at any time depending on poor weather condition or some other unforeseen circumstances. However, GoldenBusTour will update its customers about the cancellation and shall not be held accountable for charges other than tour fees.

    6b. Change in tour price will not affect any confirmed booking.

    6c. Tour Operator can change the order of itinerary at any time without any notice.

7. You will be responsible for your travel documents during the tour.

8. Reach Departure location about 20 to 30 minutes before departure time. Unfortunately, no one will wait for you in case you get in late. The bus mostly has Bus Operator name and logo on it. Even if you are five minutes late and miss the bus then GoldenBusTours or Tour Operator will not be responsible. There will be no refund in this case. You will be charged 100% tour fee.

87 3

The trip to Niagara Falls and Watkins Glen was great. Accommodations were very nice and the meals together were great. The tour guides made this trip more than worthwhile. I could have never seen as much or learned as much on my own. We clearly obtained an in depth exposure to the beautiful Niagara Falls and its surroundings. This trip was definitely worth the money spent.

79 3

I have traveled a lot, and this trip is near the top. The sites in Niagara Falls and Watkins Glen were amazing, our tour guide was wonderful, and the food was great. Even though we covered many miles during the trip, we never felt rushed or overwhelmed. We had a wonderful time. Thanks for the great hospitality Golden Bus Tours!

75 7

It was a recommended trip. As they had said, the trip was great. Travelling with a tour company is much better than traveling and spending at our own expenses as they do everything for you. You just have to enjoy the magnificent sights of Niagara Falls and Watkins Glen. It was a great package including comfortable transportation and Hotel stay. Definitely recommended!

69 4

This 2-day tour provided us a chance to explore everything there was to explore especially The Niagara Falls. Golden Bus Tours offered exceptional package and services. Their friendly staff make everyone feel fell welcome and comfortable. They will ensure that every detail in taken care of and they have ability to tailor a tour to meet every specific group's need. What a great tour it was!

68 8

Nothing’s like unwinding at the Niagara Falls. My family and I had great fun. This tour is not just limited to Niagara Falls. We visited so much more, it so much to grasp on, the fun, the excitement, the view, words cannot describe it. This GoldenBusTours package is ultimate fun and affordable.

Mariam Mifsud
66 16

New York to Watkins Glen and Niagara is the ultimate holiday package as it made my trip seamlessly perfect. It was my first trip with family and the tour complemented my excitement. It was too much to grab but the experience was like receiving a lifetime of adventure, in two days. The Niagara Falls illumination is a beauty while the Watkins Glen State park is nature at its ultimate glory. This experience made up for all the lost family time and I would recommend this package to anyone who is looking out to experience maximum in two days.

64 5

This tour was a great way to explore some of the most attractive sites. I have never been to these places before and wanted a guided tour of these amazing places and i got exactly what i wanted for a two 2-day trip. Our guide was awesome, he provided a detailed tour of every place we visited. I am extremely grateful to him. I’d recommend the company to everybody looking for well organized tours.

Da Hu
63 6

I loved this trip. I went alone for the first time and everything from the hotel to the various places I went seemed amazing. New York to Niagara, it was mind blowing especially the illumination at night was my favourite. I will recommend it to my friends for sure.

Estevan Cavalcanti
58 16

After eight years of marriage, this trip was much awaited and it was a memorable time. The fall and its evening illumination was an exciting and romantic experience. Though everything was at its best, the duration was too little for all the places. We had to keep moving before we could get the maximum from every place.

56 5

It was a complete tour, full of amazing activities and visit to Niagara Falls and a lot of other destinations covered in great detail. My children loved this bus tour.Golden Bus Tours knows exactly how to conduct a perfect family tours. They book good hotels and plan everything keeping in mind the requirements of every single passenger travelling with them. Great Work GoldenBusTours!

54 5

It was really a fascinating experience, visiting some of the top-notch places. I got to spend some time with family in a place like Watkins Glen and witness the illuminations of great Niagara Falls. Well I’d definitely recommend GoldenBusTours to people who want to enjoy bus tours with affordability and great value.

53 7

I boarded on this much awaited trip with my family and i had the best two days of my life. Golden Bus Tours is without doubt the best tour company i have ever travelled with. Perfect company, supportive guides, a luxurious bus, good food, affordable accommodation and spectacular sceneries made me a very content and loyal GoldenBusTours customer. Definitely recommended!

Abundia Garde
53 2

The 2dAy trip to Niagara and Watkins glen on 8 Aug,2016 was amazing and my sisters ,brother and l would like to thank your company for such an an amazing trip more with the knowledge of yr staff named JUSTlN our tourist guide about the places we hav to see and being so caring that needs are being met during the trip. He has patience looking and helping them when they get lost Thankyou too Desmond our driver for being the best driver who is so watchful for the safety of all passengers and his good manners .more power to both and definitely will recommend yr tour to myFriends ...thankyou,fr:A Garde

51 4

My friend recommended this tour for me and my wife for our honeymoon package and we certainly had the best days of our live on this tour. It was a trip of perfect order. We had a wonderful experience of visiting Niagara Falls thorugh a boat ride. I would like to take similar tour with Golden Bus Tours.

49 6

I have always dreamed to visiting Niagara Falls. For this purpose I came all the way from Pakistan to witness that beautiful site. I took GoldenBusTours from New York and it was a remarkable experience for me. I must say Thanks to GoldenBusTours for making my dream come true. They provided us a great opportunity to explore Niagara Falls, Corning Glass Museum and Watkins Glen. I would never forgot that amazing Maid of Mist Boad ride. Thanks GBT! I would highly recommend this tour to all travel enthusiast.

48 4

This 2 day trip was absolutely fun. GoldenBusTours provided way more than I was expecting they would for this tour. The hospitality of the people and all the fellow travelers were absolutely amazing. The night at Niagara Falls was full with exciting activities. I am waiting for the more similar tour packages of Golden Bus Tours

47 5

This tour was a fascinating introduction to the Niagara Falls and Watkins Glen. I was very pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed the entire experience. There's a good balance of activities and time to explore on your own. Friendly, knowledgeable, and fun guides made this a very enjoyable trip. This tour has made me want to discover more of amazing places.

47 7

On Christmas vacations we had so many days to enjoy by ourselves so I took my family with me on a tour of Golden Bus Tour. The majority places we visited were full people but that didn’t irritate us. The company gave us a very affordable package even during Christmas Vacations and they ensured they made us see each location that we were promised in the package. Good Tour!

47 9

Very Good Service...Affordable and enjoyable tour!

47 6

My mind isn’t allowing me to forget the amazing memories of this visit just for a minute. The breathtaking views and fresh air everywhere make this tour perfect for peace of mind.

46 9

My overall experience was very positive. The bus travel gave you a chance to nap and relax, but the sites were paced well always with time to explore on our own. I was impressed with the planning and preparation for the tour and each of the component sties, hotels and meals leading up progressively to the conclusion. All excellent. I won't hesitate recommending this tour to anyone.

45 6

My fiancé and I always talked about going to Niagara Falls and GoldenBusTours made it possible. We got to see and experience each and everything that was stated in the itinerary. It was the best tour of life. My wife also loved the tour. Everything was just perfect. I wish all the best to Golden Bus Tours for future tours.

44 16

This 2 day tour consist of pretty much all the places I hope to see in US, I’ve seen Niagara Falls in Pictures but for the first time I get to visit one of the wonders of the world in person. Not only was that everything from Watkins Glen to Corning Glass museum was a thrilling experience. Cheers GoldenBusTours!

43 2

Our tour started in New York and then we were taken to Watkins Glen and to witness the wonderful Falls of Niagara. I went with my siblings and we enjoyed most of it. I loved all the places that we visited. Watkins Glen sightseeing was great and so was the mighty Niagara. The tour guide was very friendly and accommodating; we didn’t feel out of place even once. Thanks Golden Bus Tours! Definitely recommended!

Shaw ai
43 6

our tour began well from the Corning Glass Museum. I would say, It was the best and most well-organized tour I’ve been part of ever. Although The tour leader was a bit lazy person he had a great sense of humor. He made us laugh throughout the journey. I would say that the hotel rooms were the best according to the prices charged, so was the food. The best time spent was on the Maid of the Mist boats as it enabled us to view the falls completely, with a totally different angle.

43 4

I loved this trip. I had two full days of amazing fun with my friends. I loved the Niagara Falls. View of Niagara Falls we got from the boat was very beautiful. In the limited time we explored everything. There was a tour guide with us too who was really helpful and informative. I’d definitely recommend the company to everybody.

42 6

Great tour! Interactive guide with detailed historical narrative on the trip.

42 8

This 2-day tour allowed me and my family to explore some of the mind blowing places. We went to Niagara Falls on a boat and enjoyed very much. It's illuminations at night was a breathtaking moment. It was a well managed trip by Golden Bus Tours. Without a doubt they provide best transport and accommodations. This package is perfect for any family trip.

40 10

Family means a lot to me and as usual, we are the entire family a group of 8 people in this bus tour package. We were given good response and the tour was a real fun and totally new experience. 2 days and my family was absolutely comfortable.

39 8

It was a exciting 2-day tour. The tour was really easy to book, very much affordable I must say and everything went as stated in the plan. We had a great time exploring Niagara Falls, Corning Glass Museum, Watkins Glen, Maid of the Mist Boat Ride, Jet Boat Ride and IMAX Movie. The accommodation for the overnight stay was really good. I will definitely recommend GoldenBusTours to people who need an affordable tour but want to enjoy everything too.

37 3

It was an absolutely sensational trip. Golden Bus Tours handled everything perfectly. We stayed in a good hotel and the tour was very detailed. I am extremely grateful to our guide and the Golden Bus Tours that made this trip happen. Watching illuminations of Niagara Falls at night was interesting and enjoyable.

37 12

This tour was the most memorable trip of my life. I haven’t only enjoyed a lot but also got ideal services including hotel accommodation. I shall go for this tour again.

Laura John
36 4

Due to my busy schedule, I barely get time to explore the world. The Niagara Falls appealed me the most, therefore, for the first time; I decided to book a tour for the journey. I heard rumors that tours are mostly fraud or do not provide better services. Knowing about the risks, I still booked this tour and after these two days, my perspective completely changed. I would advise anyone who travels to Niagara Falls to book this tour to gain the best experiences.

35 5

I went on this excotic tour package with Golden bus tours and I am certainly impressed with Golden Bus Tours because we got the best service that anybody could imagine. I can’t even point out one particular thing that stood out above the rest. I enjoyed every bit of this tour.

35 5

This 2 day bus tour to sensational places was the best and there was nothing uncomfortable. All these places had different exciting places to offer with each place offering different level of charm, enjoyment, excitement and pleasure. I won't hesitate travelling with such a great company again.

34 4

Just experienced a 2 day guided tour, starting from New York to Niagara Falls, Watkins Glen and many other exciting places. I went with my wife and 2 children and we had an amazing time on the tour. The tour was absilutely worth the price. Ticket was affordable and it had a great variety of activities and pleasures associted with it. Definitely recommended!

34 5

I must say and everything went as stated in the plan. We had a great time exploring Niagara Falls and Watkins Glen. The guide told us things that we didn’t even have an idea about. The service is great and the tours are well planned too. I will surely recommend this package to my friends.

32 5

I always wanted to visit Niagara Falls and I decided to take golden bus tours deal to visit that place. There was a tour guide with us too who was really helpful and informative. Although I was a bit anxious at the beginning because this is a new company for me and I didn’t know what to expect from them.

32 7

This was a 2-day trip which had everything one would think of while travelling with a tour company The places that we visited like Niagara Falls and Watkins Glen made our trip great. I have had a great experience traveling with GoldenBusTours. Great Work GoldenBusTours!

32 7

I loved this trip. I went alone for the first time and everything from the hotel to the various places I went seemed amazing. New York to Niagara, it was mind blowing especially the illumination at night was my favourite. I will recommend it to my friends for sure.

32 7

We got a really good deal, we were able to do take boat ride and see the late night illuminations of Niagara Falls. The accommodation for the overnight stay was really good. Our guide really made sure that everyone was well taken care. Loved everything about it! A recommended tour for people who are looking for a affordable package.

31 4

This trip with my children gave us a new and exciting experience and the package was worth the price. Our guide was great. He took us around and was patient with us even when we wanted to stay longer. This trip generated an amazing mix of activities and sightseeing opportunities for all travelers and the price is just great. I recommend GoldenBus Tours to everybody without any hesitation.

31 4

I boarded on this tour of Golden Bus Tours with my friends. Even though the tour was only 2 day long but due to well management of time we get to enjoy and visit all the places right on time, we took some photos. Everything this tour feature has been a learning opportunity for us. The tour was absolutely worth the money spent. Great work GBT!

30 8

A memorable tour includes visiting Niagara Falls, Watkins Glen and Corning Glass Museum. Every detail was informed by the guide and the Mist Boat Ride to explore was truly enjoyable. The IMAX movie and the illumination of Niagara Falls at night was outstanding offering a beautiful view.

27 4

What a fantastic way to get a taste of the many sights, flavors and ambiance of Niagara Falls and Watkins Glen. Perfect mix of group time and on your own time. Our tour guide always had excellent suggestions, and we all had a great time. I loved the overall structure of the tour. We all had a great time. Thanks for all the excitment!

26 7

My girlfriend booked this 2-day tour for my birthday and it was an unbelievable tour to be honest. i didn't expected it to be that good. Everything seemed to blend in perfectly well during the whole trip. Niagara Falls is surely one of the most romantic place i have ever visited. I have recommended it to a lot of my friends.

25 6

This was our first time to travel on a Golden Bus Tours. The guides' knowledge was wide and deep. The entire tour was outstanding. It was a well organized tour. Hotels were better than expected. My wife and I have become devoted fans of the Golden Bus Tours manner of travel and we will undoubtedly return for future excursions.

25 5

Golden Bus Tours provided us with a gem of a trip. It was way better than I was expecting. Niagara Falls is definitely a mind blowing place to visit. We got good accommodation as well. Those who want good travel experience should choose GoldenBusTours to travel with.

25 6

I kind of found myself lost in the Niagara Falls until I saw this tour, shared by my friend. Having experienced guide and staff, I found no difficulty in enjoying the journey around the Niagara Falls. These 2 days have been made memorable only due to the offers provided this tour. The transportation, food, hotels and everything else were stunning and mind-blowing. The cruises, Maid of the Mist and Niagara jet boat, were the best in the whole journey. How lucky of me that I brought a camera along with me.

23 4

The bus was comfortable, Hotels were good and the sceneries especially Niagara Falls and Watkins Glen were spectacularly breathtaking. Booking with Golden Bus Tours was simple and instructions were easy to follow. I’ll recommend it to those who want a good travel experience. They should chose GoldenBusTours to travel with.

22 3

Our Tour experience was wonderful. Niagara Falls and Watkins Glen were amazing places. The hotel was terrific and the staff was very accommodating. Our tour guide was so enthusiastic and knowledgeable and a great sense of humor. If I wanted to do it over again I can’t think of any other company than Golden Bus Tours

21 4

Everything was like it was taken out of fairytale, absolutely magical. We get to see and experience each and everything that was stated on the itinerary. It was really a perfectly planned trip. I really liked their service and its affordability. I’d say GoldenBusTours is a great company to travel with. Definitely traveling with them again!

21 4

We booked this adventurous 2-day tour deal to Niagara Falls, Watkins Glen and other major attractions. The boat ride was amazing. Thanks a ton to GoldenBus Tours and the tour guide arranged by the company. We really enjoyed all 2 days and are planning to take another tour soon.

20 5

It was a fascinating tour to Niagara Falls and Watkins Glen. Our seemed like a encyclopedia to us as he was very knowledgeable. The tour was comfortable as we were travelling by bus/ The price of the tour is fair and we were able to explore the area and we also took magnificent photographs. Thanks GoldenBus Tours

20 5

I went with my family on this 2-day tour and it proved to be a great experince for all of us. My family always wanted to visit Niagara Falls and Golden Bus Tours made their wish come true. Although it was a short 2-day trip and we wanted to stay a bit longer still this tour left a great impression of Golden Bus Tours. Thanks for Everything!

19 5

I really had fun on this tour and it was great to admire the Niagara Falls!! My favourite part was when we went very close to the falls with the boat- It was so beautiful. Watkins Glen is also a mind blowing place to visit. I really enjoyed also the restaurant, food was good but you can have amazing views of the falls. 5 stars- recommended

19 5

It was a 2-day adventure trip and we all had a really great time on this tour. Niagara Falls and its illuminations were amazing. We got to see everything that was mentioned in the plan that we received and the best thing is that we weren’t asked to rush. Everything was well planned and well managed. It was a great tour indeed. Thanks for everything Golden Bus Tours!

18 3

I boarded on this 2-day guided tour with my friends. We explored Niagara Falls, including its illuminations and biat ride, Watkins Glen and ither attractions on this tour. The price of the tour is pretty decent and we were able to explore the Niagara Falls, Watkins Glen and we also took magnificent photographs at the scenic sight. A great package and I surely recommend it to everyone.

18 3

Golden Bus Tours is a very well organized company. The tour was really easy to book and very much affordable. I loved the hotels we stayed in and all the places we went to were amazing experiences put together in one package. I will definitely recommend GoldenBusTours to people who need an affordable tour but want to enjoy everything too.

18 2

I finally got two days to myself and I decided to do something different, therefore I took this tour. We had a great time. Niagara Falls and Watkins Glen were mind blowing places. We enjoyed so much on this tour. A great package with discounted offers and I definitely recommendx it.

18 6

Anyone who wants to visit Niagara Falls and Watkins Glen including major tourist attractions should avail this tour. It was a complete tour package that includes everything from comfortable buses to 4 star hotels and visits to all astonishing places in just 2-days. The best thing about this trip was that it was pretty much affordable. I would love to have another tour soon with Golden Bus Tours.

18 4

We were blown away by the whole tour experience. Our tour guide was fantastic! Our travel companions were also fun and adventurous. We were able to see all of the wonders of the place in a friendly and helpful way. Pity we didn't have more time at the Watkins Glen but you need half a day for it. Highly recommended!

17 6

We booked this 2-day tour to Niagara Falls, Watkins Glen and other attractions and we had a fabulous time. I was lucky to get a chance to travel with Golden Bus Tour because I had a fantastic experience travelling with them. Guide was really helpful and friendly. I’m definitely booking my other tours with GoldenBusTours

17 12

I just turned 18 today and as a present, my uncle booked this tour for me. Surprisingly, it was really enjoyable. I really enjoyed peeking in the museums and experiencing the Maid of the Midst. Everything was fine except for the ill-mannered staff. They didn’t help much or served us. Other things such as hostelling and food were outstanding. The 30 min - IMAX movie really intrigued me as it gave an overview of the Falls.

17 4

On this 2-day tour we were able to enjoy beautiful sights at Niagara Falls and other locations as well. A perfect trip to take some time off from work and spent time exploring the nature. Our guide didn't let us get bore at any point of the tour. He was superb! I would recommend this tour to everyone I know.

17 4

I wanted a memorable vocational trip for my birthday and my brother booked this 2-day trip to the best places. Niagara Falls is the place I always wanted to visit the most and Golden Bus Tours certainly made this dream come true. This tour covered everything well in just two days. Hotel and the buses used are superb. Everything was just top class. Thanks Golden Bus Tours for such an exciting trip.

17 6

We took this 2-day tour and we are really plaeased with the service we received. All the places we visited were absolutely beautiful and fascinating. When our travel guide told us to conclude the tour, we all felt a little sad as we wanted to stay there a bit longer. This trip was so much fun. I have recommended this to my friends and relatives as well.

17 4

We all had a wonder filled time exploring Niagara Falls and Watkins Glen. Absolutely loved the Niagara Falls tour. Beautiful place, beautiful weather, fabulous illuminations sights, fabulous guide. Our group was filled with fun and inquisitive people. We were thrilled and delighted with the tour! I would surely recommend it to all my friends.

17 2

Wow! What a wonderful tour it was. GoldenBusTours made it possible for me to witness these amazing places. Niagara Falls boat ride made this tour memorable. Our tour guide did a great job in entertaining us. We loved everything about the tour. Altogether a great trip with amiable like minded people! Well done Golden Bus Tours.

17 3

I couldn't have asked for a better tour experience. The overall experience was fantastic. It was such an efficient way to travel and maximize our time. The hotels we stayed in were fabulous with great views. I would highly recommend the trip as it was a perfect balance of amazing sights, food, activities and relaxation.

17 6

We started off this tour ahead of our anniversary so that we could celebrate our anniversary on this tour. Golden Bus Tours really made our tour exceotional. Our guide was outstanding. He listened to us attentively and carefully helped us plan out our travel itinerary keeping in mind our needs and requirements. I would recommend this sensational company to everyone.

16 7

This trip was well worth the money. The tour guide was very helpful, energetic, also had great command and authority. He helped us throughout the tour. I loved to admire nature with all its might and Niagara was the perfect place. I was surprised to learn that Watkins Glen is actually quite beautiful. I am definitely coming back for the same tour, this time with a bunch of travel enthusiasts.

16 4

Since I have never traveled on a tour before I wasn't completely sure what to expect from one. It was great having someone else in charge of the itinerary and arrangements. The tour significantly exceeded my expectations. I loved the tour. Loved our tourguide; the hotels were great, everyone we met was very patient and accommodating. I would love to do it again.


This two day trip from NYC to Niagara Falls is worthwhile . The attractions like Corning glass center , Watkins Glen state park, finger lake and Niagara falls night view , fireworks on Canada side and the most breath taking Niagara falls maid of the most boat ride are all top attractions. The tour guide Levi was quite friendly and it is because of him and all the co tourists our bus was ahead of time and we were early to visit all the attractions before the rush could start. The stay provided was also good and very close to the falls. The hotels surrounding area had good food courts too. I would recommend this trip except that the travel in the bus gets boring and tiring especially while returning.

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