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7-Day Paris to Brussels, Amsterdam, Luxembourg City and Louvre Museum Tour (Free Airport Pickup)

Departure City : Paris

Available Days : Random Dates.

Highlights : Enjoy a safe and pleasant three-star hotel with breakfast included in Europe throughout the entire journey!Experience an unforgettable 7-day tour of France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and the breathtaking essence of Western Europe.Visit the capitals of the four world-famous countries and check-in at the heart cities of Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam and the historic Luxembourg City.Enjoy the delicacies of various country’s tastes of food at your own expense. Try Belgian Mussels, Amsterdam Herring, Luxembourg Judd Salted Pork and famous French Snails.Watch an adult show in Amsterdam and a cabaret show in Paris to experience different exotic customs and plays. Discover a free day to explore Paris. You may select from two itineraries A and B that we have carefully prepared for you.

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  • For schedules departing from April to October, an additional $50 per person will be charged (included in the price)
  • Breakfast in the hotel.
  • Mandarin-speaking Chinese tour guide.
  • For guests who join the tour from 3/11 to 4/29, if they need to apply for a Schengen visa, we will provide a free one-stop visa application service worth US$120 (the visa fee is not exempt), on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • If a group of guests or an order has more than 6 people, you can charter a car for the whole journey without any additional cost, on a first-come, first-served basis.

9-Day Paris to Pisa, Geneva, Florence, Vatican, Rome, Dijon, Interlaken and Milan Tour (Free Airport Pickup)

Departure City : Paris

Available Days : Tue (2022-08-01 To 2023-03-31)

Highlights : Hotel upgrades:  A special arrangement for two nights in a hotel in the city of Paris: Paris is a fashion capital worth savoring, a capital of culture, and the city hotel makes all this possible. Italian Tuscan Manor Hotel: The Tuscan Manor Hotel combines tranquility, elegance and beauty, with the wildness of ancient Tuscany and the luxury of modern Tuscany. The shady pavilions, intricate olive groves, and the quaint interior and exterior architecture and decoration can all feel the natural Italian pastoral life. Swiss Alps Characteristic Chalet Hotel: Arrange to stay in the famous Xanadu town in Switzerland, the window of the room is open to the unobstructed "dream hillside". Snow-capped glaciers, flocks of cattle and sheep, it is a paradise for photographers!Taste bud time: Florentine T-Bone Steak Meal: Grilled over charcoal (oak or olive wood is better), with only salt and pepper added after grilling. This thick, savory steak will delight you, with a crispy outside, crimson and juicy inside, and a T-bone in the middle for added flavour. In the face of such delicacies, who can not be moved? French Snail Meal: The world-famous French cuisine, with its exquisite and luxurious taste, has swept the stomachs of diners all over the world. The French regard "eating" as a great joy in life. They believe that food is not only a kind of enjoyment, but also an art. Swiss Cheese Fondue: Cheese fondue is the most characteristic Swiss food. The bottom of the pot is a mixture of grated cheese, minced garlic, starch, and white wine. Dijon ROYAL BUFFET: Satisfy your Chinese stomach and feel the taste of home even in a foreign country , Asian dishes, French desserts, etc. Farewell Dinner in Rome: Hepburn Ice Cream: Hepburn's same Roman holiday ice cream is specially presented, looking forward to the romantic story in one day in Rome, Italy in the sweet taste. Classic fun: Classic French, Italian and Italian routes: a trip allows you to experience French romance, Swiss landscapes, Italian style, and concentrates the essence of Western Europe. It is a worthwhile trip. The essence of Huadu Paris: check in the classic attractions without regrets; the Louvre Museum specially arranges professional licensed Chinese explanations, so that you can enjoy this treasure house of art to the maximum extent while avoiding the pain of queuing; DFS enjoys free shopping time, satisfying All your imagination of famous European goods. Switzerland's lakes and mountains: Geneva, the famous Swiss city, Interlaken, the secret land of the two lakes, has the opportunity to climb the beautiful Jungfrau, and see the mountains and small mountains; Tour of famous Italian cities: Milan, the fashion capital, Pisa, the city of miracles, Florence, the capital of the Renaissance, Rome, the eternal capital, with world cultural heritage everywhere.   The ultimate promise: Senior tour guide: With more than ten years of experience in the industry, professional knowledge, and super-strong group-leading skills, your journey will be climaxed one after another. Selected vehicles and professional drivers: vehicles within five years, experienced drivers, add security to your journey.

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  • Breakfast and 5 special meals.
  • Louvre Museum tickets and official tour guide.

9-Day Paris to Amsterdam, Paris, Geneva, Milan, Florence, Rome, Vatican and Louvre Museum Tour

Departure City : Paris

Available Days :

Highlights : [4 European Countries] 9-day tour of the France, Swiss, Italy, and Vatican to explore the cultural beauty of Western Europe. [Capitals of 2 Countries] Head to Paris which is the art capital of art and fashion, Rome with many monuments [Characteristic towns] Geneva which is the second largest city in Swiss; Interlaken, a Swiss town with beautiful lakes and mountains; Florence, the birthplace of the European Renaissance. [Inside visit the Louvre Museum] One of the three major museums in the world, with the "Mona Lisa", "Venus" and "Victory Goddess" known as the three treasures of the Louvre. [Specialties] Specially arranged French special meals and T-bone steak meal. [Quality Travel] Chinese-speaking guide, professional foreign driver, air-conditioned bus, 3-4 star hotel accommodation, including breakfast and 15 meals, including personal accident insurance. [Tickets included] Entrance tickets, positioning fees and official guides of Louvre Museum are included, and you can freely choose to participate in the rest.

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  • Entrance ticket, positioning fee and explanation of Louvre Museum.