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10-Day Amsterdam to Brussels, Milan, Florence, Vatican and Rome Tour (Free Airport Pickup)

Departure City : Amsterdam

Available Days : Random Dates.

Highlights : Hotel upgrades: Four-star hotel and special hotel arrangements for the whole journey!   Special arrangements for two nights in Paris at the fashion and cultural capital!   Italian Tuscan Manor Hotel: The Tuscan Manor Hotel combines tranquility, elegance and beauty, of ancient and modern Tuscany. Shady pavilions, intricate olive groves, and the quaint interior and exterior architectural decorations can be seen all around.  Swiss Alps Characteristic Chalet Hotel: Arrange to stay in the famous Xanadu town in Switzerland, where the windows of the room open to the "dream hillside!"  Taste bud time (Five special meals will be provided for you to enjoy the delicious foods from all over the world!) Florentine T-Bone Steak Meal: Grilled over charcoal (oak or olive wood), with only salt and pepper is the taste of heaven! This thick, savory steak will delight you and your taste buds. French Snail Meal: The world-famous French cuisine has a luxurious taste! Eating in France is seen as a great joy in life and not only a kind of enjoyment, but also a kind of art.  Swiss Cheese Fondue: Cheese Fondue is the most Swiss-style food to eat! The bottom of the pot is a mixture of grated cheese, garlic, starch, and white wine, baked in an alcohol oven to melt into a pot.  Dijon ROYAL BUFFET: Satisfy your Chinese stomachs and feel the taste of home in a foreign country.  Farewell Dinner in Rome:  Hepburn Ice Cream: Hepburn's same Roman holiday ice cream is specially presented and the perfect taste of Italy!  Classic fun:  Classic Dutch-French-Italian Route: This amazing trip allows you to experience the impression of Holland, French Romance, the Swiss alps, Italian style and more!  Explore the famous windmill village of Zaanse Schans where you can see windmills and various handicraft workshops in a beautiful rural landscape!  Visit the essence of Huadu Paris and discover the classic attractions without regret at the Louvre Museum!   Discover Geneva, the famous Swiss city and Interlaken, the secret land of the two lakes. Tour the famous Italian cities of Milan, Pisa, Florence, and the capital: Rome.

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  • Breakfast and 5 special meals.
  • Louvre Museum tickets and official tour guide.