7 things I learned about travelling when I traveled to US in 2015


A constant thing that you must know about America is Change. From star-saturated Hollywood to gleaming skyscrapers of New York, the ever-evolving nature extends to all corners of land. When I visited America, I’ve learned seven things that must be in knowledge of every to-be-tourist of USA.

Don’t forget that US is big (with 3.8 m square miles of area):
Each state of United States takes almost a week for a brief visit. You can’t visit whole USA in a month. Therefore, it will be better for you to search about exact time required by a destination to visit in USA.

There are fifty states in U.S:
Many people think that USA has area equivalent to any other country. Each state has different kinds of people with religious, politics, law, drink and food differences. When you visit America, you should keep it in mind. Each state of the U.S is larger than many countries.

Everything opens 24/7:
It is great news for the tourists of USA that the restaurants, bars and many other places remain open for 24/7 in America. You won’t have to be worried about finding restaurants or shops at 3:00 am anywhere in the U.S.

National Parks are Worth Visiting:
America is blessed with spectacular national parks. There would be injustice if one visit America and miss the breathtaking national parks of this place. Some of these are White Sands National Monument, Mammoth Cave National Park, Denali National Park Alaska and Death Valley California.

Land of Festivals:
America is a land where you would find distinctive cultures and festivals. People celebrate festivals for the weird and interesting news. Once you visit this place, you would see numerous different festivals celebrated by the people.

Friendly nation:
Many people consider that American is not friendly by nature. However, the story is fully opposite. Whether you ask anything on the street or anywhere, you won’t get any disappointing answer. The Americans love to interact with the foreigners.

Montana has large number of cows than people:
If you ever decide to visit Montana, you must be aware about the less population at this place as compared to the cows. The cows can be seen everywhere on this place. It looks great to the eyes. Montana is one of the large producers of Milk due to presence of many cows.

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