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9-Day Paris to Pisa, Louvre Museum, Florence, Vatican, Lucerne, Rome, Dijon, Interlaken, Milan and Chapel Bridge Tour (Free Airport Pickup)

Departure City : Paris

Available Days : Thursday

Highlights : Hotel upgrade: Six nights in a four-star hotel + one night in a specialty hotel will make your trip comfortable and full of energy! ! ! Special arrangement for two nights in a hotel in the city of Paris : Paris is a fashionable and cultural city worthy of savoring, and the city hotel makes all this possible Swiss specialty hotels : When you go to Switzerland and visit the small towns surrounded by lakes and mountains, the most rare experience is to stay in a beautiful and exquisite specialty hotel.   Taste bud time (four special dining options, allowing you to enjoy delicacies from all over the world!!!) Florentine T-Bone Steak Meal : Grilled over charcoal (oak or olive wood is better), adding only salt and pepper once cooked. This thick, delicious steak will make you gorge on it. It has a crispy outside, crimson tender and juicy inside, and a T-bone in the middle for added flavor. Who can not be tempted by such delicacies? French snail meal : The world-famous French cuisine, with its exquisite and luxurious taste, has swept the stomachs of diners around the world. The French regard "eating" as one of the joys of life. They believe that food is not only a kind of enjoyment; Art. Dijon ROYAL BUFFET : Satisfy your Chinese stomach and feel the taste of home in a foreign country. Everyone is happy to gather together and have a good time. Rich dishes include: seafood cold cuts, seafood teppanyaki, barbecue, Japanese sushi , Asian dishes, French desserts, etc. Farewell Dinner in Rome : Arrange a farewell dinner for the last meal to savor the wonderful moments of the journey. Hepburn Ice Cream : A special gift of Hepburn's Roman Holiday ice cream, looking forward to the romantic story that happened in Rome, Italy in one day in the sweet taste   Classic fun: Classic French-Swiss-Italian route : a trip that allows you to appreciate French romance, Swiss landscapes, Italian style, and condense the essence of Western Europe. It is a worthwhile trip. The essence of Paris, the capital of flowers, is presented : check in classic attractions without leaving any regrets; the Louvre Museum specially arranges professional and licensed Chinese guides, allowing you to avoid the pain of queuing while maximizing the appreciation of this art treasure house; enjoy free shopping time to satisfy you All the imagination of famous European products Switzerland’s lakes and mountains : the famous Swiss city of Lucerne and the secret place of two lakes, Interlaken. You also have the opportunity to climb the beautiful snow-capped mountains and see all the mountains at a glance; the snow-capped mountains and lakes complement each other and are so beautiful. Classic check-in of Crash Landing on you : The most important and beautiful scene in "Crash Landing on You" - Jung Hyuk plays the piano in the snow, was filmed in Iseltwald. Italy name tour : Milan, the fashionable city, Pisa, the miracle city, Florence, the Renaissance city, Rome, the eternal city, world cultural heritages everywhere, full of the light of Renaissance humanity Ultimate commitment: Senior tour guide : With more than ten years of experience in the industry, professional knowledge, and strong group-leading skills, you can make your journey a climax. Selected cars and professional drivers : vehicles within five years and experienced drivers will add safety and security to your journey.

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  • Breakfast and 5 special meals.
  • Louvre Museum tickets and official tour guide.
  • April to October is the local tourist peak season, and flights departing during this period are subject to additional charges. $200 per person (the selling price displayed by the system is bound to mandatory value-added services)

10-Day Amsterdam to Brussels, Keukenhof Park, Interlaken, Paris, Eiffel Tower, Grand-Place Brussels, Luzern, Florence, Milan, Vatican and Rome Tour (Free Airport Pickup)

Departure City : Amsterdam

Available Days : Wednesday

Highlights : Irresistible Attractions:Dutch windmills, Belgian Manneken Pis statue, Arc de Triomphe, Champs-Élysées, Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, Galeries Lafayette Haussmann, Interlaken, Luzern, capital of fashion - Milan, Leaning Tower of Pisa, the birthplace of the first operas - Florence, Ancient Rome, New Rome, and the Vatican City - a smallest sovereign country within another country! Premium Hotel Selection:Seven nights of four-star hotels along the journey including two special nights staying in Paris! One night with featured accommodation!  Treat Your Taste Buds:Classic Belgian mussel dish, French cuisine with Escargot, T-bone steak in Italy, Dijon Asian and Seafood buffet, Gelato like Audrey Hepburn had in Roman Holiday, farewell seafood dinner in Rome.  Perfect Taste of Italy: Try the same Gelato that Audrey Hepburn had in Roman Holiday! It's on us! 

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  • Breakfast and 5 special meals.
  • Required rental fee: $500/person, travel to and from China.
  • Louvre Museum tickets and official tour guide.
  • For schedules departing from April to October, an additional fee of $200 per person will be charged.
  • Hotel Breakfasts.

8-Day Amsterdam to Bonn, Cologne, Waterloo, Brussel and Paris Tour (Airport Pickup)

Departure City : Amsterdam

Available Days : Special Dates

Highlights : Iconic Zaanse Schans Dutch windmill villageBonn, Germany’s former capitalCologne Cathedral in Germany, the birthplace of Cologne perfumeBrussels, the capital of BelgiumThe Waterloo Battlefield, Napoleon’s final battle siteGerman roasted pork knuckle set mealSeine river cruise in Paris3 nights hotel in ParisUnique Itinerary: Dragon-fighting City Mons, Maison Van GoghDouble Room $2638 per person / Single Room $2188(Online price added 5% credit card handle fee)

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14-Day Amsterdam to Bonn, Cologne, Brussels, Mons, Paris, Milan, Venice, Florence And Rome Tour

Departure City : Amsterdam

Available Days :

Highlights :

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  • (Online price added 5% credit card handle fee)
  • The optional Activity price will be subject to European Dollars.