• Price Protection

“GoldenBusTours Low Price Guarantee”

GoldenBusTours is in the business of providing you with budget tours that don’t weigh heavily on your pockets. We believe that everyone has a right to enjoy a bit of tour and travel in their lifetime. As such, we provide Low Price Guarantee. What this means is that in the event you find a price lower than we offer, we are able to refund or credit the difference between the prices of the two tours. The Guarantee is however applicable if you find the lower price within 72 hours of booking your tour and if it fulfills the terms and conditions listed below:

Claim Notification

In order for the Low Price claims to be looked into, they must be made in writing and emailed to GoldenBusTours within 72 hours of booking a tour on our website. Before contacting GoldenBusTours with the Low Price Guarantee claim, please ensure that the lower rate is current and indicated on the said website. In your email to us, please include your GoldenBusTours reservation number in addition to the link directing us to the other tour that has the lower rate. Our customer service team will then look into the claim and credit or refund the difference if the claim is found to be correct.

GoldenBusTours Same Tour itinerary clause

For the Low Price Guarantee claim to work, both the tour you booked and the one you saw with the low price have to have the same itinerary. Both tours much be inclusive of, but not limited to specific tour provider or carrier (inclusive of standard/class of service), hotels to be used during the tour (inclusive of hotel standard and room type), dates and times of travel should be similar in addition to the applicable refund policy that is associated with the tours. The only portion that is covered in the Low Price Guarantee clause is the actual cost of the tour. This means that other costs such as service fees for the tour guide, excursion fees in addition to any other fees attached to the tour are not covered in the claim. Aside from the same itinerary clause, in order to be legible for the Low Price Guarantee, you must meet all the requirements that include but are not limited to regional restrictions, residency, age limits or any other requirements as per those listed on the tour webpage.

Public Notice

In order to lay claim to the Low Price Guarantee, all the prices eligible for comparison must be in clear view of the public eye. They must be easily accessible on an English-Language website and should not include the following; corporate discounts, membership rates, customer rewards programs, group or charter rates, conventions, incentives, interline prices, consolidator discounts, prices available only by using a coupon, promotions not offered to the general public or prices obtained via auction or related process. In order to be eligible, the price must be in clear view of the public eye and they must be in US dollars.

Important Notice

Affiliate websites, links or promotions that are listed on GoldenBusTours are not eligible for the Low Price Guarantee claim. Such sites are inclusive but not limited to car rentals, hotels, cruises, or travel insurance. GoldenBusTours reserves the right to add, amend, delete, or alter the list of affiliate sites that are not covered by the Low Price Guarantee claim with or without notice.

Verification of Claims

GoldenBusTours will verify all claims made and will not accept screenshots or any other evidence that cannot be independently confirmed by its personnel. GoldenBusTours will not, in its sole discretion verify any request that is believed to be as a result of the following: is made in bad faith or is fraudulent, a printing or other error, or any request that fails to meet all the other requirements for the Low Price Guarantee. The same form of payment that was used in the reservation will be used for all payments, within 7-10 business days of verification.

Changes, Alterations and Cancellations

GoldenBusTours reserves the right to discontinue or modify the Low Price Guarantee or make restrictions on its availability to any person(s) at any time and for any reason without having to give prior notice. The terms available at the time you make your booking will play a huge role in determining your eligibility for the Low Price Guarantee. In the event that GoldenBusTours fails to enforce any provisions of these Terms & Conditions, it will not constitute a waiver of that provision.