4-Day Los Angeles to Hoover Dam, Barstow Outlets, Grand Canyon and Las Vegas Tour (Free Airport Pickup)

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4-Day Los Angeles to Hoover Dam, Barstow Outlets, Grand Canyon and Las Vegas Tour (Free Airport Pickup)
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Experience: UNESCO, Family

Extra (Excluded): Wifi, Meal etc...

Tour Guide:Chinese, English

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A 4 day trip to Las Vegas that will take you to San Bernardino Mountains, Mojave Desert, Tanger, Optional Night Tour of Vegas, Hotel Palazzo Venetian Mega Centre, Mirage Volcano Show, Neon Light Show at Fremont Street, and Music Fountain at Bellagio. You will also explore Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon, and enjoy gourmet treats at Ethel M Chocolate Factory, and the spectacular maze of Botanical Cactus Gardens, and quick shopping at Outlets’ Centre. Free pick up and drop off at LAX airport, and hotel accommodation is inclusive.


  • Only the guides and drivers who have COVID 19 negative can provide services from now onwards. Drivers and Guides will wear the mask. They will disinfect the bus daily. Travelers will have to wear the mask and their temperature will be monitored regularly. Travelers will be provided with hand sanitizer and wipes. We recommend travelers to bring their own hand sanitizer also. Bus sitting will be based on the standards set by the Government.



Pick- up at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) :1. Free pick-up time: 9: 00-23: 00 (the time when guests and tour guides meet), every 2 hours, an additional $ 80 overtime fee per trip (up to 5 people) Please return to the hotel by yourself at the rest of the time at your own expense

2. Pick-up location: Domestic and Canadian flights, please wait for the tour guide at the baggage claim area, and international flights, please wait at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

3. If you don't see the tour guide, please call Seagull Holiday at the first time (tel: 323-261-8811 Transfer Department) to check the tour guide information

4. Guests must provide a connectable mobile phone when reporting to the tour group for the convenience of tour guides. If the provided customer's phone number is incorrect, any additional costs incurred will be borne by the customer

5. Please provide flight information three days before departure. Seagull Holiday will try our best to coordinate all flights that are temporarily added or delayed. However, free pick-up service is not guaranteed.

Hotel: Vanllee Hotel & Suites or similar.


Facing the rising sun, start our exciting journey on our luxury bus. Go north on Route 15 through the San Bernardino Forest and into the largest Mojave Desert in North America. The single Joshua tree alone is dotted on the endless Gobi Desert. After a short stop on the way, we arrived at Las Vegas-Las Vegas at noon! Enjoy a generous buffet lunch at your own expense before checking in at Circus Circus Hotel. In the afternoon you may take a break at the hotel or try your luck at the casino. After dinner, you can enjoy the charming night view of the casino with us (night tour at your own expense). At night, the gambling city at the beginning of the night is a neon ocean, a colorful world of light and shadow; the one-night power consumption of the five-kilometer Las Vegas Strip can supply a city of 500,000 people for one year; the buildings here are even more Blending the best of the world is a miracle in ergonomics! It is also the city with the most American characteristics!

Hotel: Circus Circus Hotel Las Vegas or Similar.



Blue Man, NV

If you like musical and artistic shows then you should see Blue Man. It is a comic musical and artistic show that promises great enjoyment for everyone who participate.

David Copperfield, NV

David Copperfield is the name of a novel by Charles Dickens, the novel was first published as a serial in the year 1849-50 and then was re-published as a book in 1850.

KA Show, LV

It is famous family show held in the famous city of United States of America known as the Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Free Day, NV

Las Vegas is the city of fun and entertainment; thus, it’s known as the entertainment of the world. Here, visitors are can experience the world-class Shows, try luck at the lavish casinos, discover the dazzling views from Stratosphere Tower Observatory, discover the charms of renowned Fremont Street, as well as the Las Vegas Strip offers a wide variety of attractions for visitors.

Las Vegas Strip Fantasy Show, NV

Refers to a fantasy show held in the popular city of United States of America known as Las Vegas. The fantasy show is famous for the dance performances held there.

Magic Show, Las Vegas, NV

The lovers of live magic shows and magical tricks can enjoy an appealing show in the Magic Show Las Vegas. The shows are organized for almost 2 to 3 consecutive days twice or thrice a month.

O by Cirque du Soleil, NV

O is essentially a water themed state production and is owned by Cirque Du Soleil which is a Canadian circus and entertainment company. O is pronounced as Eau which is the French word of water.

The Beatles LOVE, NV

The Beatles Love is a soundtrack and remix album. The album contains all the songs from the Beatles and was created as a tribute. The Beatles Love was released in the November of 2006.

Zumanity - Cirque Du Soleil, NV

It is a show well known for dancing and gymnastics. The show is held in the Las Vegas strip, the show is very popular however it is allowed exclusively for adults only.

Itinerary: LV ItineraryFree time in Las Vegas, you can arrange time or visit relatives and friends.

 GCN itinerary: Las Vegas-Hoover Dam (Pathway)-Grand Canyon National Park-Las VegasPass the Hoover Dam in the morning to the Grand Canyon, one of the seven wonders of the world. The Grand Canyon is thousands of miles long and unfathomable. This is the most vivid erosion model in the world. It is a textbook for geologists and paleontologists. Millions of tourists come here every year to admire this masterpiece of nature. Then I came to Mather Point, the largest viewing point of the Grand Canyon near the visitor center. Standing on the edge of the canyon and gazing at the vast expanse, it will give people a sense of calm and openness, and they will be full of emotions in the face of the creator ’s axe and magic workers Thousands, lingering. If God is the founder of the Grand Canyon, the Colorado River is an artist who carved the Grand Canyon. After a thunderstorm in summer, the color of the Colorado River water is the same as that of the canyon, which can only be identified from the water splashes caused by turbulence. The green river converges impatiently, winding slowly between the canyons. Despite the enthusiasm in summer and the cold winter, the river and canyon earrings have lasted for more than six million years. From time to time, the sunlight and the white clouds vie for you over the canyon, adding endless style to the canyon. Return to Las Vegas in the evening. At night, you can watch the Las Vegas show at your own expense.

VGC itinerary: Las Vegas-West Canyon-Hoover Dam (Pathway)-Las VegasEarly in the morning we drove to the Grand Canyon, one of the seven wonders of the world! Experience the magic of the Creator. Even in the vicissitudes of the sea, time and time again, the time engraved a long confession in the Grand Canyon. In it, it is spectacular. The rusty red rocks, the river at the bottom of the Pentium Valley, and the crow circling at the top of the mountain are all telling a silent story. To experience the beauty of nature as a small person, we can only obey the heavens and the earth and be more awed by nature. Here, every passer-by is a photographer, every photo is a landscape painting, and every moment of indisputableness, mood, and unbroken brow vanishes in this vast expanse. Go to Hoover Dam in the afternoon and return to Las Vegas. Tonight you can enjoy the highest level performances in the world! Overnight in Las Vegas.

VAC Tour: Las Vegas-Antelope Canyon-Horseshoe Bay-Las VegasAntelope Caixue Horseshoe Bay Day Tour: (To participate in this self-funded itinerary requires more than 6 people to depart) In the morning, drive to Antelope Caixue, passing through the origin of the Grand Canyon, Baowei Lake. The shoreline of Lake Powell is 1960 miles long and has 96 canyons, just like moving the Grand Canyon to the lake. Then we entered the most exotic slit cave in the world, and the Antelope Canyon, one of the top ten photography locations in the world (warm reminder: the tour time is about 1 hour), we followed the Navajo Indian guide to enter the cave. The colorful cave rock wall combines the erosion of wind and torrents for thousands of years, showing a perfect wave shape, which is a abstract painting of nature. Caicao has always been a meditation ground for Navajo Indians who believe that they can listen to the voice of God. Then proceed to Horseshoe Bay (warm reminder: the tour time is about 40 minutes), one of the ten best photography locations in the United States selected by National Geographic! The dense vegetation on the Colorado River bed makes the river water appear fluorescent green under the sun. The river then turns 360 degrees in the red-brown canyon and cuts a horseshoe-shaped canyon. This is why Horseshoe Bay is named after it. Standing on the edge of the cliff, indulge in the breathtaking beauty crocheted by the blue water, red rocks and blue rocks. The best view is from 4,200 feet above a steep cliff.

Hotel: Circus Circus Hotel Las Vegas or Similar. 



Eagle Point, AZ

The site of the popular Grand Canyon Skywalk near the West of Canyon is known as Eagle Point. It is located in Arizona and considered as best spot for tourists.

Grand Canyon Helicopter & Cruise Combo, AZ

Experience the Grand Canyon Helicopter and cruise combo. It is the best of all worlds' experience. By helicopter, you can see the beautiful environment and Grand Canyon and while you cruise by seeing the unspoiled and wild side of the environment.

Grand Canyon IMAX, AZ

The Grand Canyon IMAX is a movie theatre near the Grand Canyon, it is a really popular place, many people visit this sight yearly. The IMAX is one of the best place to be during the visit of the Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon Skywalk, AZ

The Grand Canyon Skywalk is bridge that is shaped like a horseshoe which seems to hover over the Grand Canyon. It is a cantilever bridge with a glass walkway and is a really famous attraction.

Grand Canyon South Rim, AZ

If you talk about the Grand Canyon South Rim then you will come to know that is the most visited part of the Grand Canyon National Park. It is a really nice place for a short walk or go for hiking.

Grand Canyon West Rim Helicopter Tour, AZ

Get out of your boring routine by hopping into a helicopter and enjoy the luxury tour of sightseeing to the Grand Canyon. View the majestic grandeur of the Colorado River, Grand Canyon and listen to the commentary. This is a scenic helicopter tour flying over Lake Mead, Hoover Dam and Colorado River.

Grand Canyon West Rim, AZ

The Grand Canyon National Park is spread on a very large area, one part of the park is known as the West Rim. It is a famous attraction and features think like the Skywalk.

Guano Point, AZ

It is basically a tourist spot visited by many people around the world; the guano point is popular for the wonderful view of the Grand Canyon.

Lake Mead, NV

It has the maximum capacity of water and is considered the largest reservoir of United States of America. Lake Mead is at a distance of 24m from the Las Vegas Strip, it is near the Colorado River.

Las Vegas Free Day, NV

Las Vegas is the city of fun and entertainment; thus, it’s known as the entertainment of the world. Here, visitors are can experience the world-class Shows, try luck at the lavish casinos, discover the dazzling views from Stratosphere Tower Observatory, discover the charms of renowned Fremont Street, as well as the Las Vegas Strip offers a wide variety of attractions for visitors.

Las Vegas La Reve Show, NV

Refers to an entertaining show held in Las Vegas. The show is known for stunts and soothing atmosphere. The show is also well known for aquatic ballet.

In the morning, we will traveling across the Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend, which is one of the world's ten photography site. Then we will travel across Glen Canyon Dam and take a boat tour of North America's second largest man-made lake - Lake We'll then return to Las Vegas. Las Vegas is constantly changing and always exciting. Take an optional city tour of Las Vegas and explore the "Entertainment Capital of the World" or attend one of the unique shows that are exclusively performed in Las Vegas. GCN/VGC/VAC行程:Las Vegas - Chocolate Factory - Los Angeles Your last day on this tour will begin in the morning as we make your way to the Ethel M Chocolate Factory and Botanical Cactus Gardens. After, there will be a optional buffet brunch in Las Vegas and then depart from Las Vegas. On the way back to Los Angeles, there will be a stop by the famous Tanger Outlets. After, guests will be dropped off at the major pick-up locations.



Barstow Outlets, CA

Tanger Outlets features the most popular brand manufacturers in more than 2,200 stores. The purchases can be made at 30%-70% below retail prices every day at Tanger Outlets.

Botanical Cactus Garden, NV

TheBotanical Cactus garden is situated at the Ethel M Chocolate Factory in Nevada. The factory and the garden is a popular choice for visitors who are allowed without any admission charge. The garden is known for their water treatment facility and environmental friendly environment.

Ethel M Chocolate Factory, NV

In the Nevada state of United States, there is an Ethel M Chocolate Factory. The live making of chocolate can be seen at this museum. The visitors can also taste the chocolate as well.





What's Included

  Pick-up and drop-off to a chosen location will be provided. ( Note the locations and times of pick-up)

  A deluxe coach with air conditioning will be providing the transport. In case only a few passengers are there to take part in the tour a high top Mercedes 15 seat minibus may be used for this purpose.

  Professional escort for the tour will be provided.

  Hotel accommodation will be provided for nights.

  All taxes are included in the price of tour package.

  Free Airport pick up is available on this tour. The Tour Package price will not include Mandatory Tour Guide tips for Airport Pickup.  


What's Excluded

  Mandatory Fee: $105 per person Entrance ticket to West Rim/South Rim. You cannot skip it.

 Mandatory Fee: $30/per person for Las Vegas Free Day. 

  Fares for air travel and transport from home to and from the location chosen for pick-up.

  Airport pickup service charges $10/person.

  Expenditure for personal purposes.

  Fee for Optional Activities and entrance. Pay in cash to the tour guide. He will arrange tickets.Some attractions might be closed on public holidays. Optional activities price may change or can be different as displayed on the website.

  A minimum of $10 service fee per passenger per day is not included in the price of the tour package. Pay it in cash to Tour guide and bus driver. This service fees collected from passengers complement the incomes of driver and the tour guide.

  Travel insurance.

  Though the meals are excluded,but the guides will arrange them for you.

  Room fees of personal nature, such as, laundry fees, telephone, service-fees of valets, expenses on alcoholic drinks and what you buy from mini bar. However, specified fees may be included.

Important Notice:Passengers are discouraged from purchasing admission packages from sources outside and trying to use them for this tour provided at a discounted price. In case they want to do so, they must arrange transport the same day.


Attraction Prices

Attractions Adult Child(2-11 yrs) Senior(65+ yrs)
1-Day Grand Canyon West Rim (Including Lunch) Tour, AZ $140.00 $140.00 $140.00
Air Tour South Rim GCN, AZ $179.00 $179.00 $179.00
Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend, CA $234.00 $234.00 $234.00
Blue Man, NV $116.00 $116.00 $116.00
David Copperfield, NV $165.00 $165.00 $165.00
Grand Canyon Helicopter & Cruise Combo, AZ $309.00 $309.00 $309.00
Grand Canyon Helicopter South Rim, AZ $266.00 $266.00 $266.00
Grand Canyon Skywalk, AZ $25.00 $25.00 $25.00
Grand Canyon South Rim + Lunch, AZ $105.00 $105.00 $105.00
Grand Canyon West Rim Airplane Tour, AZ $199.00 $199.00 $199.00
Grand Canyon West Rim Helicopter Tour, AZ $275.00 $275.00 $275.00
KA Show, LV $135.00 $135.00 $135.00
Las Vegas City Tour, NV $35.00 $35.00 $35.00
Las Vegas Free Day, NV $30.00 $30.00 $30.00
Las Vegas Night Tour + The Ferris Wheel, NV $75.00 $60.00 $75.00
Las Vegas Strip Fantasy Show, NV $85.00 $85.00 $85.00
Magic Show, Las Vegas, NV $78.00 $78.00 $78.00
O by Cirque du Soleil, NV $253.00 $253.00 $253.00
The Beatles LOVE, NV $133.00 $133.00 $133.00



Departure Location

Departure Location

  • Complimentary Airport service is available for Los Angeles airport (LAX) from 08:30 am to 10:30 PM. Pickup service available from 11:00 PM to 12:00 AM at fee of $80 for 1 to 5 persons.
  • Meet the tour guide at the baggage claim area for Domestic arrivals and For international arrivals meet the guide outside at customs exit.

Return Location

  • Kindly book your flights (For domestic) to depart from LAX after 9:30 PM and (For international) after 10:30 PM. Free Drop off to this Airport but only at the time mentioned before

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Cancellation and Refund Policy



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I joined this tour with my family, and enjoyed. It was, however, hectic, and the stopovers were somewhat shorter than anticipated. But the accommodation and transport were good. The guide was waiting for us at Terminal 3 when we arrived, and he guided us throughout the trip with history, and perfect photography spots.We saw beautiful attractions, and the tour guide was friendly, and kept us all engaged throughout the tour.  We absolutely became friends with him! Kudos to Golden Bus Tours for this tour!

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I would definitely join that tour again or any similar one! it was our first time in Grand Canyon, it was more great than i even thought it is, we also enjoyed San Bernardino Mountains, Mojave Desert and Ethel M Chocolate Factory. The tour was really nice and very organized. Great job Golden Bus Tours.

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The best part i loved about that tour was the tour guide, that guy was really nice and friendly and he was very helpful. we enjoyed our time in a lot of amazing places in Los Angeles and Grand Canyon. the hotels also were clean and comfortable enough.

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I really loved every part about that tour. It was really very organized, and there was no delay, we were always on schedule, also the bus was really clean and comfortable. we saw a lot of cool stuff like The Grand Canyon and The Ethel M Chocolate Factory. Also Hoover Dam was like a dream came true for me! i would really recommend that tour to anyone.

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