Travel Guide to Wisconsin Dells

Travel Guide to Wisconsin Dells

Wisconsin Dells is one of the most favorite tourist cities in the United States, mainly because of all the things you can do here. You can go on a rollercoaster ride, check out the water park, drive a go-kart, see a number of museums, eat at a number of restaurants, try the haunted house tour, stay at the beautiful resort, and of course, you can ride in the popular Wisconsin Ducks.

HH Bennett’s Photography Studio:
When you begin your tour, you should first visit the HH Bennett Photography Studio, a business crucial to the shaping of the Dells Wisconsin. Wisconsin Dells was a logging town until Bennett took some impressive photos of the city and making it famous. It was first opened in 1865; Bennett Museum still houses his original workspace as well as some of his photography equipment. Many prints of his photographs are also viewable, including his most famous: Weeping at Chasm Rock. The beautiful rock formations that drew people to the area a century ago still attract people today.

Popular Wisconsin Duck Ride:
A ride at the Wisconsin Ducks gives you the chance to witness the area’s natural beauty. These vehicles were built in WWII and were named ducks because they drive on the ground as well as in the water. While on tour, you get to see sandstone formations, including the rock formation that was featured on the time magazine. Since HH Bennett’s photography Wisconsin Dells has changed a great deal, it home to many amusement parks, Mount Olympus is the biggest theme park in the Dells. You can find many rollercoaster rides, go-karts, and indoor/outdoor water park.

While moving to the exploratory interactive art center, you will see robots, cool toys to play with as well as tight-rope that you can bike across. When you enter Tommy Bartlett Exploratory, you are thrown into the world of future; the elevator will take you into an imaginative space station where you are greeted with Android. The robots guide you to different exploratory rooms housing puzzles, computerized toys, and interactive games. Here you will find one of only two near the space station.

Food Scene:
Wisconsin has a selection of different restaurants to choose from, for breakfast go to Mr. Pancake, I would recommend their pancakes, of course. For good Wisconsin eating go to the Broth House, their Broths are the most fantastic ones to have in the whole region. During the game night, Broth House is the place where you need to find yourself. If the brewery is what you are interested in, then visit Moose Jaw, they serve their customers some tasty burgers and beer. Next up, you need to go to the High Rock café, it offers unique dishes from all over the United States, their Napa Cabbage Salad is better than most Californian restaurants, and their shrimp wrap is exceptional too.

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