Martha’s Vineyard – the Land Amid the Streams

Martha's Vineyard – the Land Amid the Streams

Martha’s Vineyard is a miniature island situated on the southern end of Cape Cod. Martha’s Vineyard is mainly known for the spectacular beaches, ocean views, towns and myriads of historical sites located in the heart of the region; this beautiful island has something for all ages. Martha Vineyard coastline stretches around one hundred and twenty-four miles covering two islands; one known locally as the Vineyard, and other as Chappaquiddick Island which is situated on the main island’s eastern tip. While exploring the Martha’s Vineyard, don’t miss the Martha’s Vineyard Glass Work Gallery which offers countless glass exhibits depicting the science behind glassmaking. Another don’t miss attraction is the Polly Hill Arboretum which offers gorgeous gardens and native woodlands that would fascinate any visitors through its magnificent beauty. Visitors coming from all over the globe to this island enjoy the boating experience, museums, as well as the finest accommodations that can be found throughout this region. The best time to explore this majestic island is from April until October; to avoid the summer crowd, plan a visit in the falls season.  The only way to reach Martha’s Vineyard is through air or a ferry ride.

Vineyard Haven – the heart of Martha’s Island
It is situated in the Tisbury town at the very heart of Martha’s Vineyard. The community here is known as the original Wampanoag residents who lived here for centuries with an exciting culture of locals and tourists. Here, visitors can head to the renowned Black Dog Tavern, which is a restaurant and casualwear retailing store which is started by Captain Robert Douglas and named for his faithful canine, a black Labrador; the restaurant and the symbol have been part of the history for years. The island’s main port is also located in Vineyard Haven, named as the Steamship Authority, where ferryboats come and go throughout the year.

Aquinnah Town – a must-visit attraction of Martha’s Vineyard
For a peaceful and exquisite sightseeing experience, visitors can head out to the far western tip of Martha’s Vineyard to the Aquinnah town. Here, the breathtaking ocean views, massive red-clay cliffs, beaches, and incredible sunset views from the famous The Aquinnah Shop Restaurant, enchants the visitors, as well as the lookout from the top of the peaks. Tourists can visit the historic Gay Head Light located in the heart of Aquinnah. Gay Head Light is situated on the top of cliff providing amazing views at any time of the daylight.

The Hidden Gems of the Accommodations
Among numerous lodging options on Marth’s Vineyard; there are two hidden gems that lie off the beaten path. If you are looking out for a rustic vibe, check out the Duck Inn. This wonderfully renovated farmhouse was built by a Native American Whaler. Here, guests can relish the breathtaking views and smell the sea air as you indulge in a gourmet or organic meal before heading out for the exploration and activities. Also close by, there is the renowned Captain R Flanders House in Chilmark. A bed-and-breakfast that sits on the rolling pastures overlong the remarkable Bliss Pond. However, the quaint lodgings offer the modern-day amenities.

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