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5-Day Los Angeles to Botanical Cactus Gardens, Las Vegas, Santa Monica and Grand Canyon Tour (Free Airport Pickup)

$574.20/$638.00 Save:$63.80 i
5-Day Los Angeles to Botanical Cactus Gardens, Las Vegas, Santa Monica and Grand Canyon Tour (Free Airport Pickup)
10% Off

Departure City Los Angeles CA US
Return City Los Angeles CA US
Language Chinese and English
Available Days Mon,Sun(2016-07-02 To 2029-06-29)
Duration 5 Day(s) / 4 Night(s)
Tour code GOL-LA-329A

Explore Universal Studios, Disneyland, San Diego Sea World, Las Vegas, Mojave Desert, Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon, West Rim or South Rim, Colorado River, Botanical Cactus Gardens, and Ethel Chocolate Factory on this exciting five days guided bus tour with hotel accommodation and transportation at a deal breaking prices with great discounts.

Day 1
Home – Los Angeles

On the first day, please meet our tour guide at following locations in Los Angeles Airport, according to your flight.

Terminal 1: The 1st baggage claim area next to Hudson River.

Terminal 2: The 2nd baggage claim area.

Terminal 3: At the baggage claim area.

Terminal 4: Starbucks Coffee shop.

Terminal 5: The 3rd baggage claim area.

Terminal 6: At the ATMs and Information Desk.

Terminal 7: The 1st baggage claim area.

As for the International Flights: Wait at the Relay convenience store in the Internation flight waiting area.

Note: Bus will depart after every 1 hour.

Hotel: Pacific palm or Similar.

Day 2
Please Choose 1 of the 7 Options below

Please select one from 8 options.

  1. Los Angeles In-depth City Tour.
  2. San Diego In-depth City Tour.
  3. San Diego Sea world.
  4. Universal Studios.
  5. The Pacific Ocean Aquarium, whale watching, the battleship Iowa Tour
  6. Disneyland.
  7. Palm Spring Outlet Shopping. 

Note: Upon choosing Disneyland or Universal Studio from the above options 15 USD per person will be charged. 50 USD is mandatory for guests in case you choose Palm Spring Outlet Shopping and Los Angeles in-depth tour.

Hotel: Pacific palm or Similar. 

Day 3
Los Angeles – Tanger Outlets – Las Vegas

On the third day of the tour, we will leave Los Angeles for Las Vegas. We will pass through the Mojave Desert before arriving in Las Vegas. In Las Vegas, we have an exclusive optional night tour of the city for our guests. You can choose this tour to explore this city or go on your own to do some exploration. 

Hotel: LinQ or similar.

Day 4
Las Vegas – Hoover Dam – Grand Canyon West/South Rim – Las Vegas

On the fourth day of our tour, we will start our trip by heading to Hoover Dam, the tallest dam in the United States; view the Lake Mead from up top. You can either Choose to visit the Grand Canyon West Rim or South Rim. 

West Rim: There is $90/person entrance fee for Grand Canyon West Rim. Here you can also enjoy some optional tours like Skywalk, helicopter and boat tour.

South Rim: For a mandatory fee of $50/pax get a chance to explore the Grand Canyon South Rim. Enjoy a beautiful view from Mather Point.

After returning to Vegas you can watch some shows for an extra price.

Hotel: LinQ or similar.

Day 5
Ethel M Chocolate Factory/Botanical Cactus Gardens – Outlets Center – Los Angeles

On the last day of our tour, we will mark the ending of our journey by heading to the Ethel M Chocolate Factory and Botanical Cactus Gardens. Afterward, we will be making a stop at the Outlets Center for some shopping; we will conclude our tour there and head back to Los Angeles.

Note: Book domestic flights after 9:30 PM and International flights after 10:30 PM.

  • 1. The order of itinerary may change without any notice depending on weather situations or for some other unforeseen circumstances.
  • 2. The order of activities held during the tour is planned by the tour guide. So, it may be different from what is mentioned on the tour page. On fewer occasions, Tour Guide has to skip an attraction or few during the tour depending on weather, traffic, group interest or some other reason.
  • 3. Some attractions are seasonal. So, when they are closed they will be replaced with some other attraction.
  • 4. You can skip some optional activities during the tour and plan something on your own. Make sure that you coordinate with Tour guide and stay with the group with next activity. Please note you cannot stay on the bus if you skip some optional activity.
  • 5. Probable hotel names are mentioned in the itinerary. It can be similar or a different hotel of the similar rating. Exact Hotel details can only be provided one day before the departure.
  • 6. Maximum 4 people of any age can stay in 1 Room in the hotel.
  • 7. These tours are conducted in a group. A group can have people of several cultures. We expect each person to coordinate with Tour guide to make sure things are on track.
  • 8. Though attractions are optional but you have to at least take 2 attractions.
cost includes

  Passengers will be picked up and dropped off at their chosen locations. (Please take notice of locations and times of pick up)

  All tours are carried out in air conditioned bus. We may also use a minivan depending on the number of people booking the tour.

  A professional tour escort will be with you throughout the tour.​

  Tour package price includes all the taxes.

  Free Airport Pickup is available on this tour.

cost Excludes

  Admission Ticket for West Rim or South Rim is Mandatory.

  Fares for air travel and transport from home to and from the location chosen for pick-up.

  Airport pickup service charges $4/person.

  Expenditure for personal purposes.

  Fee for Optional Activities and entrance. Pay in cash to the tour guide. He will arrange tickets.Some attractions might be closed on public holidays. Optional activities price may change or can be different as displayed on the website.

  A minimum tip of $9 per passenger per day for Tour Guide and Driver is not included in the price of the tour package. Pay it in cash to Tour guide and bus driver. This service fees collected from passengers complement the incomes of the driver and the tour guide.

  Travel insurance.

  Though the meals are excluded,but the guides will arrange them for you.

  Room fees of personal nature, such as, laundry fees, telephone, service fees of valets, expenses on alcoholic drinks and what you buy from the mini bar. However, specified fees may be included.

Important Notice: Passengers are discouraged from purchasing admission packages from sources outside and trying to use them for this tour provided at a discounted price. In case they want to do so, they must arrange transport the same day.

Attractions Adult Child(3-11 yrs) Senior (65+ yrs)
Air & Ground Tour South Rim GCN, AZ$364.00$344.00$364.00
Air Tour South Rim GCN, AZ$189.00$189.00$189.00
Blue Man, NV$133.00$133.00$133.00
David Copperfield, NV$160.00$160.00$160.00
Grand Canyon Air Only, AZ$129.00$129.00$129.00
Grand Canyon Helicopter & Cruise Combo, AZ$220.00$220.00$220.00
Grand Canyon National Park, AZ$50.00$50.00$50.00
Grand Canyon Skywalk, AZ$25.00$25.00$25.00
Grand Canyon South Rim, AZ$50.00$50.00$50.00
Grand Canyon West Rim (including lunch), AZ$90.00$90.00$90.00
KA Show, LV$123.00$123.00$123.00
Las Vegas Jubilee Show, NV$115.00$93.00$115.00
Las Vegas La Reve Show, NV$165.00$165.00$165.00
Las Vegas Mindfreak, NV$110.00$110.00$110.00
Las Vegas Night Tour, NV$35.00$35.00$35.00
Las Vegas Strip Fantasy Show, NV$65.00$0.00$65.00
Madame Tussauds Hollywood, CA$27.00$20.00$27.00
O by Cirque du Soleil, NV$234.00$230.00$234.00
San Francisco Bay Cruise, CA$40.00$28.00$40.00
South Rim GCN Helicopter, AZ$249.00$249.00$249.00
The Beatles LOVE, NV$158.00$158.00$158.00
Zumanity - Cirque Du Soleil, NV$95.00$0.00$95.00
Important Notes
  • 1. All the prices are listed in USD.
  • 2. Tour display price is based on double occupancy. It is the price each person will pay if a group of two is traveling.
  • 3. Prices may change without any notice.
  • 4. Prices include hotel accommodation, transportation and taxes.
  • 5. Admission Tickets to different places and meals are NOT included in the tour price.
  • 6. Mandatory Tip for tour guide and driver are NOT included.
  • 7. Only the tour guide can purchase entrance tickets for you. Pre-purchased tickets are NOT acceptable.
  • 8. A free (i.e. Buy 2 Get 1 Free) person, not showing up on a departure date will result in a penalty. The penalty is usually the fourth person price, but it varies. Free person has to pay for some admission tickets that is included in the tour package price of Paid Person.
  • 9. There must be at least one passenger of 18 years for every booking made with GoldenBusTours. For Children between the age group of 2 to 14 years, a different price will be charged. Please refer to Child price on our pricing calendar. Child Age may vary between different bus operators. Maximum 4 people of any age can stay in 1 Room in the hotel. If the 5th person is infant you will be charged normally then with the second room as an expense.
  • 10. Activities are optional though, but each customer has to participate in 2 activities at least. No city pass allowed. Some attractions are mandatory. Each customer has to take part in them and have to pay for them in cash.
Departure Locations

Meet the Tour Guide at Tom Bradley Int'l Terminal B (Relay Store on the left).

Meet the Tour Guide at Terminal 1 Baggage Claim #1 Hudson News.

Meet the Tour Guide at Terminal 2 Baggage Claim #2 area.

Meet the Tour Guide at Terminal 3 Baggage Claim #A area.

Meet the Tour Guide at Starbucks Terminal 4.

Meet the Tour Guide at Terminal 5 Baggage Claim #3 area.

Meet the Tour Guide at Terminal 6 (adn ATM).

Meet the Tour Guide at Baggage Claim #1 area of Terminal 7/8.

Complimentary Airport service is available for Los Angeles airport (LAX) from 08:30 am to 10:30 pm.Pickup service available after 1 hour reach from 8:30 i.e. 9:30, 10:30, 11:30…

Returns Locations

Kindly book your flights (For domestic) to depart from LAX after 9:30 PM and (For international) after 10:30 PM. Free Drop off to this Airport but only at the time mentioned before

Important Notes
  • 1. Arrive at departure location 10 to 15 minutes before the mentioned time to make sure you catch the bus on time. If in case you are late, the bus will not wait for you at the location and ultimately you will miss the entire tour (no refund in this case).
  • 2. Return time on the website is just an estimation. Expect some variation always. Time may change depending on traffic and weather situations
  • 3. There is a possibility that tour operator may use a shuttle to drop you off at the return location. It usually happens in the case of multiple return locations.
  • 4. You can leave the tour at any place only after signing a Tour Departure Form for leaving the tour early.
  • 5. Please note that price will stay the same even if you leave the tour early.
  • 6. If you have booked a pre-tour hotel stay, then you will have to arrange your own transport from hotel to departure location.
  • 7. If you have booked extra night hotel after the tour, then you will arrange transport from drop off point to hotel.
  • 8. On West Coast tours some bus operators have a lot of departure locations. A slow start is expected on these tours.
Reservation, Booking & Redemption

Terms & Conditions

Any travel service purchases indicate your acceptance of the Terms & Conditions set out herein.

You are advised to carefully read through and understand these Terms & Conditions before making your booking.

Tour Confirmation

You will get an email immediately once you place an order. Tour Confirmation usually takes 2, 3 days except for urgent order. Urgent orders can be confirmed in a day or even few hours, but we can’t assure success in these cases. On fewer occasions, some of the others may require a longer period of time for confirmation. You are advised not to book airline tickets unless you have received the confirmation.

E-Ticket (Mandatory to be on bus)

Your e-ticket includes complete operator information such as local telephone numbers at your destination. You are required to print the e-tickets and bring them along with you on the trip. They will be needed as proof of purchase.

Changes in Booking

You may incur a fee for any revisions or alterations made to the reservation when the booking has already been confirmed. Cancellation fees may be applied to things such as name changes or corrections. They may also apply to tour date changes or tour itinerary changes. Please note that no departure changes are permitted 72 hours before departure.

Changes in Tour Itinerary

We are continuously striving to improve tour itineraries and features. In the event of unforeseen circumstances that are beyond the control, we do reserve the right to vary the itineraries and to substitute hotels. Duplicate departures may operate during certain peak periods, sometimes in reverse order. As such, hotels may vary from those included on the itinerary pages.


​If you wish to reschedule your tour (change the departure date or choose a different tour) then a reschedule fees may be applied. A reschedule fees of $25 or 6% (which one is higher) will be applied. Please note that all reschedule requests should be made before 20 days of tour departure. Requests made after the mentioned duration shall not be entertained.​

Cancellation or Reschedule charges are applicable even if you are NOT able to take the tour because of visa rejection.



1. One room can accommodate maximum 4 people. Even if you are 5 people including 1 month old baby you still need 2 rooms.

2. If you can carry your child up to 3 years of age then you do not need to book seats for him. It may vary from one tour to another.

3. Service providers hold the right to change the itinerary and hotel arrangements without any notice.

4. Child (0-9 years) and Single traveler going on the tour have special rates. These prices vary from one tour to another.

5. Meals and Attractions are not included. You can ask your tour guide to try to arrange the meal for you as per your requirements. For attractions, admission fees pay it to the tour guide on the tour.

6. Prices may change without any notice because of prices fluctuation in the market.

7. All prices mentioned on the website are in US dollars.

8. In Case of Bank Wire Transfer customer have to bear Wire transfer fee.

9. Tour package price is inclusive of taxes.

10. Tour Prices are every individual and in view of room inhabitance.

Child Rate:

Child rates are applicable for children between (0-12 years) of age. Parents are advised to bring car seats for the safety of their child.

Buy 2 Get 3rd discounted: Get 3rd Ticket on special discounted rates on the purchase of 2 tickets.


No matter the reason for the cancellation, we are forced to carry costly charges from out travel and hotel providers in the form of penalties and fees that re-incurred when there is a cancellation of confirmed or pending bookings. As such, there are cancellation penalties or fees incurred. Determination of the time of cancellation will be done when the notice is received and confirmed by our office. You must make any notice of cancellation directly to GoldenBusTours by email or webmail at the Contact Us section.

We reserve the right to cancel or re-schedule any tour departure with respect to operating requirement or circumstances beyond control. In case a cancellation is made at any given moment in time before departure, our only liability as GoldenBusTours will be to refund you, the passenger with the amount we received for the booking of the tour. We will try our best to re-book the same or similar tour. We are not responsible for any cancellation penalties that may have been incurred on any other travel arrangements inclusive of separate purchase of air tickets.

We are not liable for any other travel arrangements that have been affected as a result of the cancellations.

Cancellation Charges

⇒  30 days prior to departure - $40 per person will be charged as cancellation

⇒  15-29 days prior to departure - 30% of the tour fees will be charged as cancellation

⇒  7-14 days prior to departure - 50% of the tour fees will be charged as cancellation

⇒  4-6 days prior to departure – 80% tour fees will be charged as cancellation

⇒  3 days prior to departure – 100% tour fees will be charged as cancellation

Cancellation or Reschedule charges are applicable even if you are NOT able to take the tour because of visa rejection.

There is no refund for unused features. You forfeit the entire payment when you are a no show.

In order for there not to be a cancellation, a minimum number of participants are required. We reserve the right to cancel a scheduled trip although every effort is made by us to ensure that normal operations are maintained.

An add-on fee of 6% for handling fees is charged in addition to the above penalties.

1. For any refund case, we do include the discount offered already. This is where GoldenBusTours is playing its role to make sure its customers get the best available deal at an affordable price.

2. No refund request or complaint will be entertained after 30 days of tour departure. You have to send a formal complaint through email.

Buy 2 Get 3rd Free: 

⇒  In the case of free passenger cancellation kindly update us 7 days before the departure. 

⇒  In the case of late cancellation request or free passenger does not show up on tour day then $128 will be charged.

1. We highly recommend you to provide your flight details while booking tour with us or at least send us flight details via email 3 days before your tour departure. In case of non-compliance, you will be asked to join your hotel on the first day of tour at your own expense
2. Please check our return timings before booking your return flights at the end of the tour. During high season (National and Summer Holidays) book your flights at least 1 hour later than the suggested time.

3. Before booking any tour make sure to go through every detail like tour itinerary, tour price, cancellation policy,  reschedule and refund policies.

4. You should either bring a printed copy of your E-Ticket or bring it in your smartphone on the day of tour departure. You should also bring a valid photo ID along with your E-Ticket. In the case of any issues for not carrying E-Ticket or Photo ID GoldenBusTour will not be responsible.

5. Make sure to provide a valid phone number so we can reach you in the case of any emergency.

6. Please read all important notes, inclusion, exclusion section, terms and conditions, policies and below notes.

    6a. Tour Operator holds the right to cancel the tour at any time depending on poor weather condition or some other unforeseen circumstances. However, GoldenBusTour will update its customers about the cancellation and shall not be held accountable for charges other than tour fees.

    6b. Change in tour price will not affect any confirmed booking.

    6c. Tour Operator can change the order of itinerary at any time without any notice.
7. You will be responsible for your travel documents during the tour.

8. Reach Departure location about 20 to 30 minutes before departure time. Unfortunately, no one will wait for you in case you get in late. The bus mostly has Bus Operator name and logo on it. Even if you are five minutes late and miss the bus then GoldenBusTours or Tour Operator will not be responsible. There will be no refund in this case. You will be charged 100% tour fee.

25 8

Upon my arrival at the airport of los angeles city of america from new zealand, we met the travel agent guy at a certain convenience store of international flight terminal, they guided us well. And at the very next day, we offered to choose a certain destination we wanted to visit; my wife and I chose to go see the sea world in the city of san diego. We also went to the famous america city of las vegas, I have had only seen dazzling lights of the skyscrapers/hotels on the screen but this time I witnessed with my own eyes, and believe me it so remarkable to experience the vegas vibe. Monte carlo was the hotel at where we spent most of our nights on the journey.

19 11

Well, to be honest, I don’t understand why they charged us more for selecting palm spring shopping; I mean we already paid around have a grand to take this tour for just one person. Anyways, we had numerous selections for after the day we arrived in la to go visit the destinations according to our desire. The las vegas journey was the best because I’m already a huge fan of this rich and vibrant gambling city. The hotels in which we spent the night were decent and we didn’t happen to have any sort of a problem. Snapping photos is also my hobby and favorite thing to do as I see something that worth to capture; therefore, I had a perfect opportunity to capture images at the destinations especially at the grand canyon. Thanks for this great tour!

15 7

It was so easy for me to depart on this tour with my wife because I already have had to arrive at the lax airport, therefore I booked this tour. The tour host was already there at the terminal 4 waiting for me and other visitants. The best thing I like on these five days of the journey was its optional selection of the places/destinations-spots we want to visit. Thus, we visited disneyland on the second day which I later realized was the right idea because we happened to have so much fun there. Vietnam mega center in las vegas, hoover dam, botanical garden, freemont street and grand canyon west rim were the best. I would say that this tour was wonderful with so many destinations as an option on the second day. Wonderful!

13 8

From my point of view and experience, I would describe those five days of the bus tour as entertaining, enjoyable, too much bus rides, and pretty much tiring as well. Universal studio in los angeles had a little exhibition going around there; it was related to the movie world of hollywood. We learned so much on this tour. My kids as well had fun but not my relative who also departed with us on this journey and complaining about everything on this tour. For the first time in my life, I visited the great grand canyon, it was a nice fascinating experience. Pacific palm hotel was not such a good idea for us to spend the night on our second day because it wasn’t so luxurious with no additional facilities.

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